Avanade helps Nippon Paint achieve 360 degree view of account & sales information to sustain major international expansion

Business Situation

Each market for Nippon Paint China IU has enjoyed rapid expansion in recent years as their emphasis on quality product and service has earnt them a distinct advantage in what is a strongly competitive marketplace.  Such unprecedented growth has revealed the need for productivity improvements in their sales operations, pipeline management and key account management systems and processes.

Nippon is looking for a solution to improve their pipeline management, which could help to drive more business insight; provide their sales a visible view of account status as well as to improve their customer satisfaction.

A new solution that would streamline business opportunity processes, make visible critical pipeline and account information, was key to the Nippon Paint maintaining and continuing to grow its leading market position.

Nippon Paint China IU management conduct their business under Lean For Growth culture. This provides maximum value to their customers, minimizes internal costs and enables better operation systems to achieve customer satisfaction.

Another requirement of their new solution was that it needed to be able to support and sustain LEAN principles and these important business objectives.


The Avanade team consulted with Nippon Paint China IU’s management and planning team and proposed a solution that comprised the full lifecycle of sales, opportunity management and key account management. This was designed to ensure that key accounts within the department were being serviced and managed in the most effective way. Additionally the solution was designed as a tool to drive business opportunity and standardize the sales activity and processes.

The solution involved:

  • The deployment of Dynamic CRM 2011 to deliver a 360 degree view of account information, including account profiles, account plans, resources, targets, competitors, opportunities, and performance reports.
  • Sales operations information accessed via a friendly user interface which enables the sales information to be easily viewed by sales management to see the pipeline status and improve sales processes.
  • Integration with the SAP ERP system enables tracking of orders, prices, customer requirements, complaints and finance reports drawn from the CRM system.
  • Account relationship matrix captures the hierarchy of groups of clients, analyzes the revenue and costs across them.
  • Account activity planning and management, enables account teams to plan and manage customer activities and events. A performance dashboard for senior management tracks the pipeline and sales targets and provides a snapshot of accounts to inform business decision making.


Speed to market was a critical factor in the successful implementation of the solution for Nippon Paint China IU. The Avanade team worked closely with management and the planning team to establish a prototype. Once approved, the development and technical implementation was completed within 8 weeks.

User acceptance was also very positive with User Acceptance Testing turned around in only 3 days.

With their new opportunity management and key account management and sales management solution Nippon Paint China IU now benefits from a full lifecycle system which facilitates effective account management and opportunity identification.
The sales management team is able to capture a 360 degree view of each account and act promptly on any opportunities for business development and to better serve their customers.

Sales operations and Nippon Paint China IU management are able to intuitively see the opportunity workflow and pipeline and access rich data that reveals in a snapshot how the business is managing its accounts and sales processes. This enables the management team to make informed decisions for enhanced business efficiencies and increased business development.

As a result of the success of Avanade as a technology solutions partner for Nippon Paint China IU, management and staff now have accurate and relevant information to manage all of their account, sales and marketing data and activity. The technology every growing business needs to sustain its strategy for future growth and prosperity.

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint Case Study

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