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Origin Digital wanted to increase transcoding throughput without increasing capital expense. To gain dynamic scalability within a familiar development environment, the company built an innovative transcoding application called Cloudcoder on the Microsoft Azure™ platform. 


By building the Cloudcoder on the Microsoft Azure platform, Origin Digital gained real-time scalability, and helped reduce administration, time-to-market, and costs. The application will help reduce compute costs and database administration time as well as expedite moves into new geographic markets.

"We’re seeing significant reductions (in some cases ½) in computing resource cost for comparable workflows by using the Cloudcoder running on Microsoft Azure."

Curt Kendall Vice President of Products, Origin Digital


Origin Digital engaged Avanade, along with partners Accenture and Microsoft, to build a custom transcoding application called “Cloudcoder.” Cloudcoder was deployed as a “cloud” service—delivered over the Internet and hosted in a separate data center. Working with Avanade, the Origin Digital development team explored the architecture and the cost structure of both Amazon Web Services and the Microsoft Azure™ platform before selecting the Microsoft Azure platform. The Avanade team assisted with the design and development of the Cloudcoder application on the new architecture.

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