Avanade helps PEXA make property transactions easier

Business Situation

Prior to the development of the PEXA platform, participants in property transactions have had to complete transactions by undertaking manual processes heavily reliant on paper documents. This process is highly susceptible to errors and leads to many settlements not occurring when promised. Participants also have to physically attend settlements and there is a lack of transparency because they are not able to easily share status updates between themselves and the end customers. PEXA overcomes these issues by creating an electronic workspace that avoids the need for physical settlement and populates a common set of documents that can be viewed by all parties.

"We are very happy with the system as it is operating and has met our expectations to date. Looking into the future we are happy that Microsoft Dynamics AX will give us the agility to improve what we do."

James Ruddock CFO


Avanade was chosen to replace PEXA’s financial management system with a scalable robust solution to meet the complex operational needs of the business and interconnect stakeholders such as financial institutions and Land Registries. Avanade was selected based on sound delivery methodology, a customer-focused approach and ability to understand in detail the complex business requirements for PEXA.


Avanade’s breadth and depth of Microsoft expertise allowed PEXA to leverage an out-of-the-box, cost effective Microsoft ERP software solution as a foundation to customize, integrate and scale further as business needs evolve. With robust and reliable business process workflow, Avanade optimized the system further to address complex integrations with financial institutions, Land Registries, and other third parties.

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