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Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing our planet, and the need for more renewable, sustainable sources of energy has never been greater. As a leading producer and operator of renewable energy – including wind and hydroelectric – in the UK and Ireland, SSE Renewables (SSER) is helping lead the way toward a greener future. The company understands that innovation is the key to success in a competitive industry like energy.

SSER began exploring how Microsoft technologies can be used to realize its goal of creating a world where net-zero carbon emissions can be a reality. To accelerate innovation, the company launched a digital ventures team and partnered with Avanade and Microsoft with a goal to deliver solutions at speed through an exciting blend of ambition and diverse thinking.


The first phase of our team’s engagement included multiple design-led discovery workshops to understand SSER’s various business challenges and identify pathways forward. Four use cases were selected to investigate further, and together the team built proof-of-concept (PoC) prototypes for each:

  • Field service health and safety application
  • Species and environmental monitoring tool
  • Hydro catchment dashboard
  • Hydro dashboard

“I’ve not seen technology tested or deployed that quickly before. It honestly does feel as though it’s one single business, working with Avanade.”

John Downes Director of Engineering and Innovation, SSE Renewables


By putting the new solutions into practice across multiple areas of the business, SSER is poised to realize several significant benefits for its employees, the environment and its operations:

  • Increased safety and an improved workplace experience for SSER employees and third-party contractors
  • Improved insights and species monitoring efficiency will decrease the time to approval for wind farms and ensure local wildlife isn’t negatively impacted
  • Recovered lost hydro catchment revenue expected to total more than £10 million per year within the next five years
  • Additional insight into performance and efficiency of hydroelectric facilities will help increase revenue

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SSE Renewables innovates rapidly with new technology solutions to drive sustainability and culture change

Avanade launched a new digital ventures team to help SSE Renewables with their field services application, automated monitoring and better connected technology.


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