From a consolidated enterprise data warehouse to the modern email cloud - the Styrolution Group harmonizes its IT landscape to focus on security, stability and service.


A key user concept (train-the-trainer model) was used to ensure that knowledge about the solution could be shared. Critical business information can now be retrieved at any time via the self-service function from the SAP-ERP database, which is continuously updated. Excel is used as the preferred and familiar front-end for further processing. 

The new mail system is now a replacement of older versions as well as legacy Lotus Notes instances. For employees using the Microsoft Exchange365 solution primarily it means more space in their inboxes and a more user-friendly solution.



​Three specific work packages for Avanade were initiated:
An enterprise data warehouse(EDWH), 
The infrastructure (backend, front-end, email)
A pioneering intranet site & collaboration environment.
Along with the basic implementation of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, the following solutions were also put in place: SQL Server 2012 Fast Track for the EDWH work package, SharePoint 2010 for the intranet & collaboration work package and Exchange365 and Lync for the infrastructure and email work package.

Business Situation

Styrolution wanted to develop its own contemporary IT infrastructure and to implement a flexible Microsoft cloud solution in order to replace the existing systems for dealing with email traffic. They also needed to implement a consistent, company-wide analysis and reporting platform based on a single, highly secure and up-to-date data source.

"The Avanade Infrastructure team has done a great job in transferring Styrolution to Windows 7 and establishing the Exchange365 and Lync Cloud solution."

Randy Moore Global Infrastructure Lead

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