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UNICEF's mission is to create a better world for children, where they can grow up and develop their full potential. In the Netherlands, delivering on this mission requires engaging as many people as possible and encouraging them to become lifelong supporters of the work that the nonprofit does.

To grow its donor base and its income, UNICEF Netherlands wanted to replace traditional fundraising methods with a single digital solution for data, finance and marketing. It also wanted the technology to be reusable and repeatable so that other nonprofits could benefit from more efficient and effective fundraising.

Microsoft is the only technology provider who gives a total solution so that you can have the finance solution and the data solution and the marketing solution at the same time integrated. We chose Avanade because we wanted a partner who could think big and has the power to execute over all of these different technology aspects.

Guus van Dijk Strategic Advisor, UNICEF Netherlands


Working with Microsoft through our Tech for Social Good programs, we helped design and implement an integrated ERP and CRM solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, configured for nonprofits. Machine learning capabilities and fast analytics give UNICEF Netherlands real-time insights to better engage donors, enabling the organization to secure and expand its programs for children.


Today, UNICEF Netherlands has unprecedented visibility into its donor base, allowing for more efficient fundraising and delivering more life-changing services to the children around the world. The reusable and repeatable solutions also enable other nonprofits to deploy and scale technology quickly, helping to reduce the cost of implementation in order to create an even greater impact on the social good.

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