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Vandemoortele – a leading food company based in Belgium – understands the power of Microsoft Azure and had already begun building a hybrid cloud environment, with some applications operating in the cloud and others still using on-premises infrastructure. It knew that moving more apps and tools to the cloud would help give employees more time to focus on serving customers while also lowering costs and automating operations.

“We believe that empowered employees equal happier customers. We knew that shifting a lot more of our applications onto the Azure cloud with Avanade would enable that and unlock new opportunities for further improving our customer experiences.”

Benoît Dewaele CIO at Vandemoortele


We used a tailored approach to cloud migration at scale, moving multiple applications and workloads to the Azure public cloud while maintaining links to the legacy on-premises systems. Key to successfully managing this blended environment is Azure Arc, which extends Azure management and services across both on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) allows employees to spin up new applications quickly.


Vandemoortele is armed with new insights and is looking ahead to how the cloud will help it extend its brand into new areas and bring its products to more customers. Now, employees can spend more time thinking about food innovation and less time worrying about the technology supporting it.

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