For Williams Group, competition is one driver for success - building community is another

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Competition isn’t the only thing that drives Williams Group, the world-renowned Formula One racing organization. So does community. No, Williams Group isn’t going soft. Instead, it’s looking to build a sense of community among its 800 employees so they enjoy their work and their colleagues more—and help the company to run faster and leaner.

The company’s prior intranet software didn’t contribute much to community-building among Williams workers. It was difficult to add functionality and employees found the interface bland. That made the intranet less useful as a vehicle for sharing internal news, events and resources.

“With Avanade, we’ve built an intranet that enables our people to find information quicker and to promote areas of the business through bespoke pages.”

Benjie Ward Senior Web Developer, Williams Group


For a digital transformation of its existing intranet, Williams turned to its technology provider, Avanade. The result is a compelling online hub for employees, with news on staff as well as upcoming events and races, a marketplace and even a tool to schedule appointments more easily.

To build the intranet, Avanade used Microsoft SharePoint Online and other components of Office 365, together with modern engineering practices such as agile and DevOps.


  • Builds community. The intranet promotes a stronger sense of community among employees, as workers in various divisions learn about and come into contact with employees and projects they wouldn’t otherwise encounter.
  • Promotes active use. Easily-created Topic Pages help to ensure that employees will find value in the intranet and visit it often—where they’ll also encounter the community-building content, such as video meetings, that the company hosts there.
  • Cuts time to benefit by 50 percent. “Time to production was key for us,” says Ward. “Avanade’s Agile development process met 90% of our requirements in a few months. We were rolling out features throughout that period and the feedback we got from users made the intranet even better. If we’d used a traditional waterfall approach, I believe it would have taken twice as long.”

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