Drive better business outcomes through connected field service

At Field Service USA 2019, we shared how to drive future-ready field service now by bringing together human experience-led design with advanced technologies (think: machine learning, AI, mixed reality, and IoT) to inject real-time intelligence and accelerated decision-making into your daily operations. By using connected data signals and recommendations to empower a predictive, high-performing and continuously improving field service operation, you can improve customer loyalty, attract and retain employees, lower costs, and even generate new revenue streams.


Unable to attend the conference, or just looking to learn more about driving outstanding business outcomes through your field service workforce? Listen to our webinar, hosted by Microsoft.

Hear from Dan Cefaratti, Avanade North American Field Service lead, about what’s changing in service, how to move to a predictive IoT model, and how to give your field service workforce the right toolset to help them be successful – without adding to their workload.

Future-ready field service is ready today

Read our guides, informed by research and work with global clients, to understand how to get the most value from new technologies to improve your field service performance.

Making field service more efficient and effective

Don’t be left in the past. Experience tomorrow’s mainstream technology today with connected workers, equipment and analytics.

If you’re looking to improve first time fix rates, mean time to repair, and employee retention and customer satisfaction, learn more our modern connected field service solutions. They’re available today and can help you achieve these common business objectives and more. Contact us to request a demo.


Hololens + Remote Assist

This solution demonstrates how to conquer common field service challenges with real-time digital mixed reality (MR) remote support. We’ll show how to use Microsoft Hololens to capture and live-share complex service scenarios with experts to drive better service outcomes faster, from anywhere.


Intelligent Field Service

We’ll share how to use IoT alerts, mobile inspection capabilities and predictive machine learning to identify and solve asset problems fast, or before they ever happen.


Hololens + Guides

Experience Microsoft Hololens mixed reality paired with Microsoft Guides. Through this solution, heads-up digital manuals and training displays enable your employees to get hands-on learning and step-by-step instructions more effectively.

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