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As customer behavior evolves and global circumstances change in a flash, your digital investments will likely determine your organization’s future. Are you able to respond to customer needs, reset your core experience platform to enable agility, and renew fast enough to surpass your competition?

At Sitecore Symposium, Avanade presented information on how we’re helping organizations get the most from their Sitecore investments. As Sitecore’s first global Platinum Partner, we continue to demonstrate how to help companies create a superior, award-winning digital experience.

Meetings and sessions

Please contact us if you would like to view any of the demos we presented at Sitecore Symposium.

In addition to our virtual booth in the Partner Pavilion, Avanade had five virtual meeting rooms during the live event to meet with Avanade’s executives, Sitecore MVPs, and more digital experience experts:

Meet Avanade
Click the ‘Meet with us’ button above if you would like to get to know Avanade! Learn more about how we can partner with you to create excellent customer experiences in your industry.

Customer and innovation showcase
At our Customer and Innovation Showcase, we shared customer success and innovation stories, including new IoT solutions using Sitecore. If you would like to see these again or for the first time, let us know by clicking the ‘Meet with us’ button above. Our client and technical leads will share how we’ve helped others in your industry and how you can continue to look for ways to innovate with Sitecore.

Rethink customer centricity
The future of data-driven marketing will go beyond transactions for goods and services to also deliver meaning. Contact us to discuss how to best address your customer needs and enable new CX journeys using the Sitecore platform.


Avanade Headless Digital Experience
(HDX)Accelerator for Sitecore

Prepare to supercharge Sitecore using our HDX accelerator! Our new approach to Sitecore builds make it faster, easier and less costly to create blazing fast sites that are ready for personalization. Contact us for demo of what we can do to help you boost performance and reduce costs.


application managed services
Sitecore Lessons from the Field: Managed Services, Upgrades
Learn how we have helped to implement some of Sitecore's most complex and diverse platform solutions. Our experts can answer questions related to topics like managed services, high availability, Sitecore upgrades and technical challenges with Sitecore.

Absorb new information

Some of our track sessions are still available to watch on demand:

  • Bringing life-changing hearing health to a global audience with Demant (Learn more)
    Speakers: Troels Kjær Rasmussen (Demant), Christian Bennich (Avanade)
    On-demand session
  • Use Sitecore Host plugin architecture to transition on-prem Active Directory workloads onto Azure (Learn more)
    Speaker: Julius Angwenyi
    On-demand session
  • Defining new ways to transact with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 and Azure IoT (Learn more)
    Speaker: Boris Brodsky and Benjamin Adamski
    On-demand session

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Sitecore Experience Award wins and case studies

Learn more about how we help clients realize more value from Sitecore.


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