Build a Transformational Data Foundation with Azure Purview and Profisee

Organizations across every industry are accelerating digital transformation by unlocking the value of all their data. But you can’t achieve high-value use cases like cognitive services and artificial intelligence if you don’t have organized, high-quality data to act on. That’s why data governance and data management initiatives are critical: you need to get all your data in the right shape so your people can pull out the patterns and insights that lead to better decision-making.

Recently, Avanade, Microsoft and Profisee joined forces for this webinar to provide the latest guidance on Data Governance (DG) and Master Data Management (MDM). Watch this session now to learn how DG helps organizations catalog their data and define common standards for the enterprise, and how MDM can enforce those standards across systems. You will also learn how DG and MDM can be integrated together to build a data foundation to enable digital transformation or any data-intensive project across the enterprise.


  • Welcome and setting the scene with Tony Slogget, Avanade
  • Introduction on Profisee by Martin Boyd, Profisee
  • Unified Data Governance with Purview by Hoda El Haddad, Microsoft
  • Implementing for success, by Tony Sloggett, Avanade
  • Q&A with Microsoft, Profisee and Avanade

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Tony Sloggett
Director, Enterprise Solution Architect and Intelligent Automation Lead at Avanade

Martin Boyd
VP of Product Marketing at Profisee

Hoda El Haddad
Analytics Specialist at Microsoft

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