Winning the War for Talent In Financial Services:

UPDATE: We apologize for the change but our June 25 webinar, “Winning the War on Talent in Financial Services” will be postponed until Fall 2020. In the meantime, please view Avanade webinars or listen to podcasts for other innovative thought leadership from Avanade.

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How the new normal has changed the game for talent and how the Financial Services Industry can respond to the future worker and transformed workplace.

Operations and differentiated customer experience start by having an empowered, skilled workforce, and the support of a culture that reaches across lines of business. Through the recent crisis, what we expect from our workforce and what they expect from employers has evolved. From implementing intelligent customer care to secure yet intimate experiences through ‘contactless’ selling, our talent has a large responsibility as they move into this ‘new normal’. We’ll discuss a holistic approach for Workplace Experience (WX) achieved by combining technology, operations, culture and employee experience (EX). Learn how to create secure workplaces that empower employees, while delivering exceptional experiences.


Michelle Baxter

Michelle Baxter
Financial Services Executive, Northeast

Anita Jivani

Anita Jivani
Northeast Innovation Lead

Kiley Surma

Kiley Surma
Solution Designer, Modern Workplace

Roy Zamora

Roy Zamora
Sr. Director, Business Development

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