Generative AI is that once-in-a generation technology that marks a clear line between everything that came before and everything that follows. Avanade believes that governments and public service agencies have an opportunity to become early adopters in this space. Generative AI, when used strategically and thoughtfully, can transform how agencies operate internally and interact with citizens and the constituencies they serve.

Something for everyone

We realize we are speaking to some executives who have not yet begun the journey to cloud and others who are quite advanced in the digitization of government and citizen services.

Generative AI can benefit enterprises wherever they are in their technology evolution

For those who feel left behind in the journey to cloud, IoT, machine learning, and the insights driven by data and AI, generative AI could help you leapfrog into vastly improving insights, analytics and citizen services quickly and without a lot of upfront investment. For example:
  • putting your public-facing information into ChatGPT capabilities could enable citizens to find relevant information quickly and easily using natural language prompts
  • generative AI capabilities can instantly translate into many languages
  • generative AI offers an individualized experience with very little effort on the back end.

Organizations that are more advanced in their digital enterprises can look at generative AI as a connection point to partners, including other agencies, to expand their knowledge bases and inform better decisions. With a closed generative AI system, any number of partners could share data safely and create a bigger and stronger net for people in need of help.

Jumping in

The barriers to entry into this new, exciting, and sometimes scary world are low. Microsoft is already embedding generative AI capabilities into its flagship products, and the ease of use of the capabilities make experimentation low risk and low cost.

Look before you leap

There is clearly a sweet spot between being too cautious about new technology and getting left behind and jumping in too quickly and getting burned. Avanade can help you identify things to consider as you contemplate a move into this space.

"Send a message"

The same words that ChatGPT uses as a prompt are perhaps the best call to action for government and public service agencies. However, before you send a message by using generative AI, the smartest thing you could do is to send a message to a trusted advisor in the digital space.


From laggard to leader

Explore how Generative AI can put government in front of the change curve.

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