Introducing Avanade’s Grant Making Solution

Avanade’s Grant Making Solution is the effective grant management software designed to suit the needs of transformation-ready organizations. It provides a comprehensive, simple and effective end-to-end solution to create, store, link and track application and award status through the lifecycle of a grant.

Unique Features & Key Benefits

A public services-focused application built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, Avanade’s Grant Making Solution enables the connection of program delivery, funding, grant management and results measurement, which will allow organizations to, with continual use, increase the human impact of their work. When building this solution, we emphasized the user experience and ease of use.

A solution that takes the advantages of automation and returns optimized processes has far-reaching benefits. These include:

Key differentiators include:

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Avanade’s Grant Making Solution

Creating impact for citizens through effective grant management

Maximize funding. Manage programs. Transform processes.

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