Technology is everywhere, but is it really adding value? After all, change for the sake of change isn’t what your law firm needs.
But when change can bring real, tangible benefits to your clients, practice, and employees, it’s worth investing in.

The cloud is one such change.
For law firms, the cloud can lower costs and boost profitability. Avanade has already brought powerful cloud-based technological change to legal practices across the world. And that means we can help you answer three big questions:

  • How can I move to the cloud safely and economically?
    The cloud can help you deliver the services and experiences your clients expect. It can help your employees work faster and more productively. It can help your practice save time and cut costs. It can boost security and compliance. But how do you make it happen? Avanade has the expertize you need.

  • How do I enhance the employee experience and manage hybrid working?
    Your people are your business. Remote working is now the norm and seamless digital collaboration is key. Enhancing the employee experience and boosting talent acquisition and retention is a major priority for your law firm. How can digitally enabled workflows help you work smarter and collaborate more effectively? Avanade will get you there.

  • How can you keep client matter data secure?
    In today’s growing cyber risk environment, on-premises tech is rapidly becoming a weak link. So how do you maximize security? Avanade can offer you security-officer-as-a-service solutions, threat protection, digital risk management, compliance and auditing tools, and we can help you adopt a Zero Trust security model.

The impact of hybrid working

  • 95% of workers expect the pandemic to permanently change remote working practices in their firm.
  • 52% of legal and compliance leaders are concerned about third-party cybersecurity risks due to remote working and COVID-19.

Helping law firms like yours unlock the power of IT

It’s easy to think of IT as a service function – the people your team calls when something goes wrong. But what if IT could become a profit center? Avanade’s services for legal practices include:

  • Making true hybrid working a reality with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365
  • Upgrading the employee experience with Microsoft Viva
  • Provide a tried-and-trusted pathway to the cloud with Microsoft Azure
  • Using AI and automation to save you time and money
  • Keeping your data secure without impairing productivity
  • Giving your clients the technological experience they expect
  • Helping you keep track of billable hours
  • Explore client insights and find out how you can improve service levels

Boosting profitability by £30k per fee earner
With an easy-to-use, cloud-based document management system saving you just 30 minutes a week, you could improve profitability by £30,800 per fee-earner.

Client Stories

Linklaters in the cloud

Read how Avanade helped take Linklaters to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Avanade is the world’s leading provider of Microsoft-based solutions on Microsoft 365.

Why Avanade
We’re a global systems integrator that has worked with multiple law firms to help them transform their digital estate and transition to a cloud-first posture.

  • We have transformed thousands of seats to cloud in hundreds of industries.
  • We already secure millions of clients’ sensitive documents in the cloud.
  • We will support and guide you to define your vision and cloud roadmap.

We know that change can be painful. We’re experts in organizational change management, helping you and your staff on the road to achieving your cloud goals.

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