The biggest potential for generative AI

The greatest benefit of using generative AI for life science companies is its ability to augment scientific expertise and accelerate knowledge discovery.

86% medical affairs leaders when asked whether generative AI can be applied at life science companies answered, "Yes" or "eventually Yes."

The life sciences industry has long created value through revenue expansion. Now with increasing costs for labor, raw materials and transportation, the time is now to monetize investments in digital technologies including generative AI to deliver immediate value.

When it comes to generative AI, the main challenge is knowing how and where to start. Because generative AI has such a broad set of potential use cases and applications.

Inside this Guide: Learn how and where to start using GenAI

As a starting point, life sciences leaders can use three accelerators to identify how and where to synchronize generative AI with a human co-pilot, from drug developers to technicians, who will harness its potential for the greatest value.
    1. Uncover scientific discoveries
    2. Personalize the healthcare provider and patient experience
    3. Elevate product quality and availability
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