Delight the new energy customer

Utilities providers are under pressure. They need to find new opportunities for growth, while facing shifting demand, increasing costs and more regulation. They need to get “smart,” to keep up with customer expectations, technology and their competitors.

In short, they need to switch on digital.

From personalized service to smart, connected infrastructure, digital is redefining the nature of utilities and transforming how they engage customers, manage assets and empower employees.

“PacificLight Energy now has the necessary IT system in place to support our primary objective to provide our customers with flexible pricing plans that meet their needs along with first-class customer service. Avanade has helped to make this happen by ensuring the deployment was done on time and within budget.”

Geraldine Tan General Manager, PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd

Digital powers key benefits

How can digital help your business? Consider Australia Gas & Light (AGL), which optimized its online presence and increased mobile conversion rates by 29 percent. Or PacificLight Energy, which entered the Singapore retail electricity market thanks in part to a cloud-based metering, contract management and billing system. 

Avanade helps electricity, gas and water providers unleash the power of digital in order to boost their bottom line and provide greater benefits to customers and employees. 

Digital customer: Engage customers by delivering experiences that increase trust and loyalty, decrease service costs and open up new revenue streams.

Digital workplace: Empower employees with streamlined tools that improve efficiency, collaboration and customer service. 

    The right expertise to deliver digital

    Every day, customers switch utility providers for more convenience, flexibility and savings. Avanade helps utilities compete in this ultra-competitive market.

    Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. We combine innovative Microsoft technologies with Accenture’s industry best practices to deliver digital solutions for utilities.

    • We have partnerships with key providers of industry-specific digital tools, including leading billing solution MECOMS.
    • We implemented mobile solutions, web services and enterprise portals for 5,000 employees at one utility.
    • We processed over 1 million smart grid customer inquiries for a single utility.
    • We implement the latest Microsoft operating system and server technologies for renewables providers.
    The power behind your business

    Billing and transaction management service to improve the customer experience while reducing costs.

    Safe and sound

    Secure sharing using Avanade Transaction Management Services.

    Our billing solution

    Next-generation billing capabilities for the digital age.


    Digital Business at Utilities

    Using digital to connect with today’s new energy consumers.

    Using digital technology to elevate the customer experience.

    Going digital is vital to your utility’s talent strategy.

    Point of View: Digital Customer at Utilities

    Using digital technology to elevate the customer experience.

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    AGL gains 29% mobile conversion increase and 40% faster site load time

    Online customer experience enriched via agile with Sitecore, Microsoft Azure.

    Eneco unites sales and service

    Energy company streamlines customer service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    Digital Enterprise Analytics

    Powerful intelligence – anytime, anywhere.

    Digital Marketing

    Deliver digital customer experiences that build loyalty and enhance your brand.

    Digital Marketing Analytics

    Understand your customers in ways you have never imagined.

    Digital Sales and Service

    Enable organizations to deliver great customer experience and improved employee engagement.



    Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

    Next steps

    Find out how we can power your utility business with digital innovation.

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