Manufacturing goes AI-first

New research from Avanade reveals how manufacturers are accelerating towards a world where human-centric, real-time AI leads the way.

Manufacturing goes AI-first

Real-time AI: a manufacturing imperative

Generative AI opens the door to an era of manufacturing, driven by intelligence, where anyone can effortlessly analyze diverse datasets at scale in seconds.

A massive 91% of survey respondents said their firm plans to be AI-first within just 12 months to take advantage of the many benefits new AI technologies bring. Yet just 7% of manufacturing employees use AI on an hourly basis today to drive better workflows. This is despite the fact that:  

  • Manufacturers need to be able to produce highly customized products and cope with large fluctuations in customer demand at speed and scale.
  • Supply chains have grown more complex, spanning global workstreams, languages, time zones, compliance regulations, and Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) standards. 

Our research of 300 global manufacturing professionals shows a lack of accessible data to enable AI tools to make informed decisions in this world of continuous change remains a key challenge. 

Overcoming barriers to AI success

Manufacturers lack an open data platform that can seamlessly operationalize value from massive volumes of data in a timely way. Data silos, inaccuracies, and gaps pose major analysis challenges.

Manufacturers rely on data inputs from many different internal departments, supply chain partners, legacy machinery and field engineers who manually record details of equipment faults.

Around 93% of firms are increasing investments in IT to overcome friction in current data architectures while maintaining high levels of data security and privacy to address these challenges. The top three priorities are data and analytics platforms; workforce platforms and tools; and automation platforms.

Top three AI value drivers

Top value drivers

Respondents were asked to identify the primary value driver for AI in their business.

Ready or not: generative AI is here

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New global research from Avanade explores the readiness of organizations to introduce, adopt and scale generative AI tools like Microsoft Copilot. 

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