Be more with Copilot in Banking

Be more productive and innovative with Microsoft Copilot. Revolutionize the way you work, collaborate and create. Reduce cost, dramatically speed up outcomes and deliver better results - with Copilot by your side.

More with Copilot in Banking

Be more personal

How can you create empathy and personalization with your customers while being efficient and productive? 


With Microsoft Copilot by their side, any employee can extract information from a variety of sources within the bank and convert it into integrated, real-time insights to drive revenue growth and deeper customer relationships.  


Discover how Jim, a home loan specialist, identifies the right customer and proactively approaches her with a compelling and tailored deal.

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How Copilot changes banking

Copilot for investment bankers

For investment bankers

David is always under time pressure in the M&A team. Getting data for a pitch book is one of his biggest challenges. Copilot provides him with access to his company’s internal research and external financial statements.


It quickly provides data in the format he needs to assess the value of the business for his client while building a robust financial model. Legal elements are reviewed automatically in minutes rather than weeks, saving significant cost and allowing David to spend more time working with his client. His competitors cannot understand how he can get so much work done so fast!

For fraud analysts

Elaine works in cybersecurity. During the chaos of multiple alerts, Copilot offers a vulnerability summary, prioritizes risks based on the scale of the attack and gives recommendations – in minutes. It also provides an audit trail she can refer to during investigations.


Copilot allows teams to share useful prompts. Elaine saw a reverse engineering prompt (how malicious code leads to breaches) from a colleague that she will definitely use in future. Analyzing threats at machine speed provides early warning to detect malware, trojans and phishing that is vital to the success of her role.

Copilot for fraud analysts

Let Copilot guide the way you work

Free up your people for more innovation

Gain up to 20 hours a week by being released from mundane tasks. Write sections of code faster with time savings of 25%. Speed up insight generation, summarize meetings on Teams quickly, increase productivity and simplify processes. Use that time to focus on strategic innovation rather than tactical activity.

Focus on what matters to your customers

Fast track information gathering, including emails and chat ignored by traditional searches, for quick and contextual customer responses. Capture customer conversations automatically. Surface sentiment and insight from client discussions and research to develop new services. Spend less time on admin and more on face-to-face customer engagement.

Safeguard your bank from cyber threats

Develop effective reverse engineering prompts, set up an early warning system to detect malware, trojans or phishing, identify potential anti-money laundering issues (based on detecting high risk documents or people) and provide auto-healing for security loopholes.

Imagine what you will do with Microsoft Copilot

Personalize offers, automate regulatory responses, detect fraud quicker, draft pitch books in days not weeks, approve loans faster – see what happens when Copilot is at your fingertips.

Deliver better customer experience with Copilot
Employee experience

Help employees develop impactful content, manage meetings and tasks effectively and perform complex tasks with simple commands.

Future employee experience with Copilot
Customer experience

Enable customers to manage money effectively, protect data and transactions from fraud and make banking apps easy to use.

Keep your organization secure with Copilot

Respond to threats in real-time, reduce the risk of data breaches, meet regulatory requirements and identify vulnerabilities.

Avanade is the proven choice for AI on Microsoft

We integrate unrivaled AI expertise, strategic collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft, and proven frameworks to elevate innovation with Copilot—enhancing employee experiences, boosting customer satisfaction and fortifying security teams.

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Copilot for better sales and service

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