Be more with Copilot in Government

Be more efficient and innovative with Microsoft Copilot by your side. Transform the public sector - the way you work, collaborate and create – to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of your citizens.

Be more with Copilot in Government

Be more responsive

Public services are under pressure to meet the needs of ageing populations and expectations for seamless digital services. Microsoft Copilot plays a role in facing these challenges by creating better experiences for both citizens and agency workers.

Watch how Maria uses her Copilot to help citizens fast track their immigration applications.

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Let Copilot help you focus on what matters most

Copilot for citizens

For citizens

Joe is a newly redundant public sector worker who is looking for information on his unemployment and health benefits. He uses a government chatbot that answers his questions and directs him to relevant links. He expands the dialogue to ask for more details around relevant benefits. He quickly learns which benefits he is entitled to and how to apply for them.

Understanding Joe is now out of work, once he has the information he needs, the chatbot next directs him to a new site with open employment positions, in Joe’s location—helping him to swiftly find a new role in public service.

For public sector employees

Simon is a sales lead for a large national mail service. He has a lot of customers he needs to keep track of, including recent conversations, previous purchases and spending amounts. He uses Microsoft Copilot on his phone to get ready for his meetings from his car. He asks Copilot to remind him who he is meeting with, what they last purchased and when.  


His Copilot helps him use his travel time to prepare for his meeting, saving him hours every day. As he travels to his destination, he asks Copilot to send a quick text message to let his contact know he is on his way.

Copilot for public sector employees

Let Copilot guide the way you work

Create meaningful employee experiences

Avanade has been at the forefront of exploring the power of generative AI to enhance productivity, creativity and innovation for our employees and clients. Our end-to-end services cover everything from security and data protection to skills and governance, so you can integrate Copilot in a safe, secure and responsible way.

Create winning citizen experiences

According to our Avanade AI Readiness Research, 78% of government respondents believe citizens will be ready for most of their interactions to be done through AI by the end of 2024.

Agencies have an opportunity to elevate self-service portals with more sophisticated chatbots in all government channels, to handle smart routing and automatic email answering—with the ability to respond in multiple languages. 

Protect your agency with end-to-end security

61% of government respondents to a recent Avanade AI survey identified security and cyber resilience as their highest priorities. Microsoft Copilot for Security is a powerful assistant for security teams battling to protect their organizations from threats. Avanade can help you to unlock its full value and protect what matters.

Imagine what you will do with Microsoft Copilot

As an early innovator with Microsoft in AI, we’re out in front helping government clients use AI to redesign their secure employee and citizen experience.

Deliver better customer experience with Copilot
Employee experience

If you are ready to responsibly harness the benefits of AI, we can help you turn your Microsoft 365 Copilot vision into reality.

Future employee experience with Copilot
Customer experience

We guide you from readiness to value, helping you unlock the potential of Copilot capabilities to redesign citizen service.

Keep your organization secure with Copilot

Discover Microsoft Security Copilot to rapidly modernize security operations. Join us for an in-depth, free 2-hour workshop.

Avanade is the proven choice for AI on Microsoft

We integrate unrivaled AI expertise, strategic collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft, and proven frameworks to elevate innovation with Copilot—enhancing employee experiences, boosting customer satisfaction and fortifying security teams.

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government AI

Generative AI helps agencies amp up their processing power to produce insights to help workers and citizens.

National Highways deliver complex infrastructure

National Highways plan and deliver complex infrastructure projects on time and on budget to keep traffic moving safely.

Avanade doing more with Copilot for Microsoft 365

What matters to Avanade employees is doing more with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Copilot powers productivity

Discover how Microsoft Copilot powers productivity and turns data into knowledge.

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