Be more with Copilot in Insurance 

Be more efficient, productive and data-driven with Microsoft Copilot. Reduce cost, be more operationally efficient and improve CX - with Copilot by your side.

Avanade Copilot Insurance

Be more data-driven

How can you use data to drive better decision-making, streamline operations and increase productivity?

With Microsoft Copilot by their side, any employee can source data from within the business and convert it into actionable insight to grow revenue and profit while deepening customer relationships.


Discover how Susan, an underwriter, uses Copilot to quickly assess the commercial risk on an overseas property development, producing a competitive quote for her customer.

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How Copilot changes insurance

For claims adjusters

For claims adjusters

When assessing motor claims, John is always short of time. Copilot swiftly extracts essential company data to pre-populate the relevant forms, ensuring there are fewer manual errors to slow down the process. Copilot keeps John up-to-date with policy changes, so he knows if the person claiming is covered.


To precisely work out payment details and ensure consistency, Copilot pulls together similar cases during the last year. Copilot also looks out for phrases that may indicate this is a fraudulent claim. This helps John to reduce time on mundane tasks and spend more time with the customer.

For insurance brokers

As a broker, Helen enjoys finding the best deals for her clients. But there is so much choice. Copilot helps Helen discover and summarize the best options in the market, empowers her with quick and accurate answers from various knowledge sources and reduces response times, leading to an increase in bind rate (number of quotes converted into policies).


Helen now spends less time on routine tasks, her relationships with the carriers has improved and Copilot helps her personalize recommendations, making her customers feel they are getting an exceptional service.

For insurance brokers

Be more effective with Copilot  

Boost employee productivity

Reduce your loss ratio by managing risk effectively. Improve underwriting and quotation times and grow your premium base. Use external data sources to flag hidden exposures. Gain up to 20 hours a week by being released from mundane tasks. Summarize meetings on Teams quickly and free up time for innovation and better customer relationships.

Get closer to customers

Reduce time-to-quote, speed up claims processing and improve broker and customer satisfaction. Capture and summarize customer conversations automatically. Interrogate sentiment and insight from client discussions to develop new services. Use emails and chat, ignored by traditional searches, for quick and contextual customer responses.

Enhance cybersecurity 

Copilot sifts through vast amounts of data to proactively detect abnormal behavior, such as anti-money laundering or malware, trojans and phishing. It can automate many security processes. Copilot is integrated into Microsoft services like Dynamics 365 and Power Platform and inherits these products' security, compliance and privacy processes.

Imagine what you will do with Microsoft Copilot

Produce quotes faster, process claims quicker, personalize your offers, proactively detect cyberthreats, improve underwriting times and increase broker and customer satisfaction - see what happens when Copilot is at your fingertips.

Employee experience

Help employees focus on high-value tasks, manage meetings effectively and access data for better decision-making.

Customer experience
Customer experience

Provide customers with quicker quotes, process claims faster and offer much more personalized interactions.


Proactively identify cyberthreats in real-time, automate regulatory requirements and spot areas of vulnerability.

Avanade is the proven choice for AI on Microsoft

We integrate unrivaled AI expertise, strategic collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft, and proven frameworks to elevate innovation with Copilot—boosting employee productivity, enhancing customer experience and strengthening security teams.

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