Be more with Copilot in Retail

Be more personal, productive and profitable with Microsoft Copilot. Unlock resilient, responsible retail growth – capitalizing on opportunities intelligently and efficiently, while doing what matters: For people, your profitability and the planet.

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Be more productive

Discover how you can elevate retail employee productivity and efficiency with Microsoft Copilot. Harnessing the full power of industry-leading generative AI, Copilot helps retailers and retail employees intelligently and automatically improve knowledge sharing, collaboration, task management, engagement and training adoption.


Watch this video to learn how Copilot can help retail employees be more effective in their roles – employees like Jordan, who gains superpowers on the shopfloor and elevates experiences for his customers.

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Power regenerative retail experiences with Copilot

Avanade Retail Customers

For customers

It’s Bernie’s grandson’s birthday soon. The gift at the top of his wish list is the big new release in his favourite gaming franchise. Bernie knows that his grandson will receive the game from his parents, but he’s struggling for gift ideas of his own.

Unfamiliar with the world of gaming, Bernie turns to Copilot to ask for recommended gifts for his grandson. Copilot provides a list of suggested accessories for the game – informing Bernie that the most exciting feature of the new title is that it’s now compatible with a new VR headset. Bernie now has perfect gift in time for his grandson’s birthday.   

For store associates

Jordan has taken a job at consumer electronics store, which stocks thousands of items. But Jordan isn’t much of a techie and isn’t familiar with many product lines. He needs to improve his knowledge of the product range, so he can be more confident when advising a diverse range of customers.


With Copilot by his side, Jordan has access to a galaxy of product information and insights. He can advise customers on any alternative products, to better suit their needs, as well as receiving automated reminders for any relevant promotions. With Copilot, Jordan be more confident in his role.

Avanade retail store associates
Avanade retail supply chain

For supply chain leaders

Both professionally and personally, Jenny is an environmental advocate. As part of the operations team at the electronics store, she oversees supply chain efficiency, and she’s also a member of a working group set up to reduce waste generated by consumer electronics.


By using the copilot capabilities in her supply chain platform, Jenny can rapidly analyze operational data, surface real-time recommendations, provide guidance on supplier selection and optimize last mile logistics. She can track the progress of these initiatives via a chatbot interface, and ultimately be more fulfilled in her role.

Let Copilot guide the way you work

Create channel-less customer experiences 

Embrace the power of Copilot to enable truly channel-less, personalized experiences for customers, ensuring consistency across every online and offline engagement. Copilot to establish and maintain a “segment of one” model, where customer insights are automatically harvested and analyzed, to keep pace with fast-evolving consumer behavior. 

Elevate store associate experiences

Adopt Copilots to ensure the right information gets to the right employees at the right time, through AI-powered knowledge sharing and collaboration. Copilots support store associates through intelligent task management, improved engagement, increased training adoption and seamless shift swapping.

Build trust with intelligent data security

Protect customer data with Copilot for Security, keeping your people, devices and platforms safe from increasingly complex threats. Employ Copilot to help protect any identity and secure access to any resource. Mitigate cyberthreats to devices, protect data, and improve compliance across clouds.

Imagine what you will do with Microsoft Copilot

No one is better positioned to help retailers unlock the power of Copilot than Avanade. We’re here to help you grab intelligent growth opportunities and drive efficiency by harnessing the full power of Copilot’s pioneering capabilities.

Avanade Copilot Retail Dynamic365
Customer Experience

Discover how Microsoft Copilot can unleash engaging experiences that delight customers and leave a lasting impression.

Avanade Copilot Retail MS365
Employee Experience

Help your teams be their best, with Copilot by their side. Learn how AI can intelligently accelerate employee productivity and efficiency.

Avanade Copilot Retail Security

Learn how Copilot for Security can protect your people, platforms, devices and data from sophisticated cyber threats.

Imagine what you will do with Microsoft Copilot

We’re uniquely able to help progressive retailers maximize the power of Copilot to grow intelligently while controlling costs, thanks to the combination of our AI pedigree, exclusive Microsoft relationship, the deep retail expertise of our people, our industry IP, and the breadth of our capabilities.

How we’re helping retailers to transform in the  AI era

Blundstone Microsoft Dynamics 365 client story
Blundstone gets its Dynamics 365 live in time for US holiday retail sales and sold a record number of units over this period thanks in part to Avanade.
What matters to NTE employees are quality tools for great customer service.
What matters to Carlsberg is driving close customer relationships
El Corte Inglés achieves zero-waste certification through waste monitoring and reporting platform.
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