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Define what matters through continual change. Our people-first business consulting services and unique Microsoft expertise help you prioritize practical actions to transform and drive more business value with digital and AI technologies. 

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Define What Matters

Transform and grow through continual change

Transform and grow through continual change

There is no going back. Change is only going to keep accelerating. It requires all of us to embark on a transformational journey, reimagining processes, products and services. We must dare to challenge the status quo and embrace a culture of innovation.


Avanade Advisory collaborates closely with your team to swiftly pinpoint and prioritize actionable strategies for adapting to ongoing change. With the rise of technologies such as AI we can assist you to usher in a new era of transformation that will help your organization and people embrace continual change more effectively than ever before.

Maintain the AI readiness of your organization

Maintain the AI readiness of your organization and people

Generative AI has democratized artificial intelligence, ushering in a new era of transformation that will help your organization and people to embrace continual change more effectively than ever before. Microsoft is leading the way with AI technologies that open new possibilities for industries and experiences to be reimagined. However, a new approach is needed to realize value from AI-centric transformation.


Avanade Advisory helps you experiment with AI to do more with what you’ve already got and to innovate new products and services for growth. But AI-centric transformation is not just about technology. We partner with you to assess the readiness of your employees, customers, and ecosystem partners, so you can prioritize actions that enable them to adapt and evolve with AI. We also help you to establish governance and operating models to sustainably scale and realize value from AI through continual change.​

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Accelerate ROI from your Microsoft investments

Value Realization

Realize more value and unlock innovation potential by getting more from existing platform and Microsoft technology investments.


Data Monetization 

We help clients evaluate their ability to adapt and thrive through ongoing change and determine strategies to drive more value from digital, by modernizing with intelligent cloud, AI technologies and advanced analytics.


Continual Change

Develop a plan and improve skills to gain competitive advantages and make your data-driven businesses more successful and generate new revenue streams while transforming traditional business practices.


Digital Culture

Create a digitally driven culture, helping your teams to optimize technology deployments and to use modern cloud, data and AI applications effectively, through coaching, learning and collaboration to accelerate time to value and minimize technical debt.


Sustainability Quick Start

Achieve your sustainability ambitions by rapidly prioritizing practical actions and scaling new innovations based on insights generated from the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and other data sources.

A pragmatic approach to improved business value

A pragmatic approach to drive faster and improved business value

Digital Enterprise Advisory

We bring business, industry and experiences insights to provoke fresh thinking and enable leaders to rapidly agree and act.

Transition from doing digital to being digital


Technical Advisory

We partner with IT and business teams to define new ways to use cloud, data, AI and security technologies to drive operational resilience and value.

Maximize business value from, cloud, data and security


Workplace Advisory

Our deep expertise in Microsoft workplace technologies inspires data-driven strategies to elevate EX and create the future of work.

Use digital to make work better


Organizational Change Management Advisory

We help people embrace new digital technologies and leaders to build a culture that’s effective in managing change.

Inspire your people to embrace continual change


Digital Sustainability Advisory

We help you accelerate your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals with digital and embrace an innovation-led approach so you can lead your industry on sustainability.

Take practical sustainability actions that make an impact

Transform with AI through continual change

Responsibly experiment, ready and scale with the Avanade AI Organizational Readiness Framework.

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Client stories

Avanade Advisory client stories

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Jillian Moore
Meet our expert
Jillian Moore

Global Advisory Lead

Technology ROI: How to realize value quicker when times are hard

Identify key digital initiatives to quickly boost value with limited resources. Focus on impactful innovation for accelerated growth.

How to effectively define what matters through continual change

To define what matters requires a diversity of voices. Avanade Advisory embraces diversity by incorporating inputs from

a variety of people.


Avanade AI readiness report

New research from Avanade explores the readiness of organizations leaders and their people to introduce, adopt and scale generative AI tools, such as Microsoft Copilot.

Change is continual. Shouldn’t digital transformation be as well?
To succeed in business, we need digital transformation to evolve and adapt – not the other way around.

Malala Yousafzai joins Avanade CEO Pam Maynard for Changemakers, an exclusive virtual event on how to embrace continual change with confidence.

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