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We create relevant and enduring experiences to accelerate growth by connecting your workplace and your customers through products that adapt, scale and grow with you. 

Avanade X

We help you make what matters

Experiences connect and define us. They're what make us human. And they’re what can set you apart. That’s why we help brands and businesses across the world create experiences that accelerate growth.


We are the leading digital creative consultancy specializing in Microsoft technology. Our work spans across three primary dimensions of experiences – customer experience, workplace experience and digital products and services. Bringing together strategists, creatives and technologists, our multidisciplinary experts deliver holistic and practical solutions for maximum human impact.

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Built for your big plans

creates impactful designs and solutions

Imagine beyond convention 

We use imagination to help clients see beyond their reality and boldly break through the status quo. Using insights, creativity and human empathy, we move quickly from ideation to execution to create products and experiences that differentiate, disrupt and inspire action.


Our creative talent specializes in content and design strategy, service design, UX, product design, visual and motion design to enable clients to leverage technology for maximum benefit. Grounded with human understanding and a mastery of Microsoft, we give our clients the added confidence that anything we imagine we can make.

Create transformative customer experiences

Create customers for life 

Consumers’ needs and expectations are changing at an unrelenting pace. We assist business leaders in crafting customer experiences that evolve with changing behaviors and market dynamics. Connected experiences that foster loyalty and create convenient, well-timed commerce moments are our guiding light to optimize sales and fortify your brand value.


The Avanade X team will work with you to incorporate industry-relevant customer experience strategies into your business to modernize your CX foundation, scale personalization and accelerate content velocity. 

workplace experience

Empower the future of work 

Automation and AI are making our focus on employee productivity obsolete. The future workplace will be about empowerment – translating work into customer success and business growth. We help business leaders design employee-centric digital workplace experiences that redesign the way work happens, empowering organizations and their people to serve customers in new ways. The result? More fulfilled employees and more loyal customers.


Together, we’ll explore workplace experience strategies tailored to your industry. Our approach encompasses enriching your organization’s culture in the era of hybrid work, evolving from an app-centric flow of work to human-centered, AI-driven knowledge management, and how to add storytelling to reframe reporting capabilities and unlock new insights and opportunities.

Compete like never before 

Digital products and services are transforming the way we live and work. We help business leaders power invention, capture market share and compete through digital product innovation. Our multidisciplinary work brings together design and engineering to transform your physical and digital products through connected services and enable new direct-to-consumer approaches to accelerate growth.


Our experts will work with you to find new product innovation opportunities for your industry and bring them to market at speed. 

Award-winning experience design

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Creating a compelling, client-centric digital experience

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Jason Hunt
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Jason Hunt

Global Avanade X Lead

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Veronica Law

Global Digital Products and Services Lead

Allyson Lower
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Allyson Lower

Global Workplace Experience Lead


Pioneering Immersive Experiences

Avanade named a major contender in Everest Group’s Enterprise Immersive Experience Services PEAK Matrix Assessment. This framework highlights and positions only the best-in-class providers and technology vendors to guide companies navigating this market.

Experiences are the foundation for successful AI adoption

The AI investment landscape is rapidly expanding as companies increasingly prioritize AI adoption to stay competitive. Avanade's AI Readiness Report emphasizes the need for strategic implementation and experimentation, highlighting AI's potential to transform workflows and enhance user experiences through continuous innovation and iterative development.

Yes, AI promises to transform marketing. But what's the catch?

As AI rapidly transforms marketing and operational processes, the growing energy consumption and environmental impact pose significant challenges for marketers.

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