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future of work

Transform your workplace and the work itself

workplace transformation

The world of work has changed. To generate sustainable business value and thrive, organizations need a strong workplace digital core, an empowered workforce and the agility to reconfigure work.

Avanade is the global leader in award-winning Microsoft workplace technologies. We combine the power of data, intelligence and technology with industry expertise and relevance to build new models of work that are agile and people-centered.

Through this approach we help clients prepare today for the future of work, unlocking the full potential of their workplace platforms, processes and people through an agile, future-ready workplace.

Prepare today for the future of work

resilient digital core

Resilient digital core

A strong, secure digital core enables your organization to drive continual business value through uncertainty and change so you can rapidly act on opportunities to reinvent and grow.​ Whether you’re looking to optimize your Azure Cloud Platform, modernize your data and analytics architecture with Microsoft Fabric or elevate employee experience with Microsoft Copilot generative AI technology, Avanade is the global leader across the entire Microsoft technology ecosystem. We help our clients deliver the agile, secure and innovative needs of a modern workforce by tapping into the power of proven workforce optimization strategies combined with our award-winning Microsoft workplace solutions.
future-ready workforce

Future-ready workforce

Fostering innovation in the workplace starts with your people.

Employees want flexibility and choice in how, when and where they work. Organizations need to define what matters for employees to optimize business impact, creating a hybrid work solution and experience that fully supports, attracts, retains and motivates top talent through connected physical, remote and virtual workspaces. Use Microsoft's powerful workplace technologies to remove digital friction and empower your workforce to do their jobs more effectively while delivering measurable enterprise performance improvements.

the future of work

Supercharge the future of work

By simplifying work and harnessing the potential of Microsoft AI and automation technology, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent work, streamline operations and drive unparalleled productivity gains and cost savings. Eliminate digital friction with Avanade’s workplace transformation solutions. We help clients optimize their digital core with modern cloud platforms and data architectures with connected cloud applications that seamlessly link workflows across Microsoft Office personal productivity tools with pan enterprise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. As an early adoption partner with Microsoft for both Fabric data platform and Copilot, we're ideally placed to help clients optimize their technology roadmaps and adoption problems.

mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Traditional merger and acquisition (M&A) transformations are slow, expensive and prone to high failure rates. It's critical to develop a modern workplace strategy that protects your people and productivity while optimizing costs. Avanade's proven workplace migration roadmap can help you avoid typical data and workflow migration and integration roadblocks and accelerate your journey to M&A success.

workplace managed services partner

Manage and evolve

A workplace managed services partner needs to do more than just keep the lights on. Because change is continual, you need a managed service that enables you to continually adapt to new business goals and technologies. Avanade Manage and Evolve delivers “always on” access to global best-in-class skills across the entire Microsoft ecosystem that prepares you for the workplace of the future and enables you to take advantage of the latest innovations faster, build resilience and agility and drive continuous business value from your workplace ecosystem.

Client stories

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Seattle Children’s reimagines healthcare and patient safety.
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Toyota works with Avanade to use “citizen development” and no-code / low-code tools to solve onsite problems.
GLP Power BI client story
What matters to GLP is building businesses that transform the global economy.


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Avanade’s migration strategy can help you avoid the costs and risks of end-of-life technology and open new opportunities for future workplace innovation.
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