Smart manufacturing and products

Revolutionize the way you design, manufacture and utilize products and services by leveraging actionable intelligence to drive sustainable growth through our comprehensive smart manufacturing solutions.

smart manufacturing

Be the market leader in your industry

smart manufacturing

Drive operational excellence and loyalty

From consumer goods to chemicals, construction, electronics, mining, pharmaceuticals, retail and utilities, every sector can benefit from the power of digital, data and AI to become more competitive. We help you to address the challenge of rapidly changing customer expectations, global talent shortages, supply chain disruptions and the need to make faster progress towards net-zero operations.

Our expertise in IoT, digital twins, generative AI, cloud computing, data analytics, automation and cybersecurity drives performance and mitigate risk from the top floor to the shop floor.

Boost innovation and sustainable growth

smart-connected manufacturing

Smart connected manufacturing

Drive performance with data-driven manufacturing

Avanade helps you to optimize your production, supplier and customer service value chain with adaptive, data-driven operations. Eliminate data silos while maximizing security to enable global benchmarking and best practices with self-service tools for key business functions. By connecting your ERP, MES, PLC and SCADA solutions, we enable closed-loop operations, real-time monitoring and production control. Using our expertise in digital twins in manufacturing, data dashboarding and AI, you’re better able to assess production capacity utilization, inventory levels and transportation lead times to minimize delivery customer times, carbon emissions and costs.

smart-connected operations and assets

Smart connected operations and assets

Boost output and reduce waste at each site

Using industrial IoT solutions, sensors and computer vision, we help you to reduce energy and water usage and identify quality issues earlier in the production line to minimize waste.

intelligent manufacturing products and services

Intelligent products and services

Turn data insights into new revenue streams

We help you to discover a better way to design products with usability, serviceability, longevity and reusability in mind to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize your environmental impact. Using Generative AI for manufacturing and digital twins, you can accelerate product development in anticipation of rapid market shifts and personalize ongoing customer interactions.

intelligent supply chain

Intelligent supply chain

Minimize risk and your costs

Enable your supply chains to become more agile, resilient and sustainable to boost on-time delivery rates and customer satisfaction. Avanade brings intelligence from siloed applications – including ERP, CRM, IoT platforms and third-party data services – together into a single dashboard to aid decision-making. This enables you to be more resilient in the face of disruptions caused by surges in demand, geopolitics, extreme weather, natural disasters and inflation. We help you to make better decisions about your vendor ecosystem, transport routes, warehouse inventory levels and order picking processes with advanced asset tracking, dashboarding and recommendation engines.  

intelligent frontline worker

Intelligent frontline worker

Boost machinery uptime with predictive maintenance

Avanade can help your field engineers work more efficiently and effectively, driving increased productivity and better service delivery.

Our manufacturing expertise

Avanade's Microsoft Security expertise

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