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We can help you identify and manage cloud cost, business risk, technical debt, and sustainability impact, enabling you to develop a resilient digital core, while releasing up to 50% of cloud costs for investment in innovation.

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Maximizing cloud value

To maximize your value from cloud, Avanade has introduced a new cloud adoption service called Avanade Cloud Impact, which delivers rich insights and tailored recommendations across cost, business risk, technical debt and sustainability. Our expert service is powered by a data platform that integrates and analyzes industry, business and technical data sources using AI and machine learning. Cloud Impact will tune your cloud for AI and value. We’re delivering savings of up to 50% of cloud costs for clients while readying their cloud for AI.

Analyst feedback is that this service is unique in the market. Contact us to find out more. 

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Rapid cost optimization workshop

Our expert service can deliver up to 50% cloud cost savings

One of the key benefits of cloud, the ability to easily provision scalable and durable resources, has a flip side; unless resources and costs are closely monitored, there is a risk of unmanaged and unintended cloud spend.

Avanade Cloud Impact accelerates your company's cloud optimization efforts. Using this platform with over 100 enterprise clients from 18 industries we are seeing cost savings of up to 50% of total cloud costs and on average 22%. For some applications, the cost savings are up to 80%.

Take the next step towards optimizing your cloud. Register below for an introductory conversation with one of our experts. We will provide you with the key learnings from our experience with customers to date and a roadmap to optimize your Azure environment. We offer a free 2 hour workshop, a 6 week cost optimization program or ongoing optimization as part of a managed service.

AI readiness

Is your cloud ready for AI?

The rapid development and maturity of AI, coupled with high market expectations and potential business transformation opportunities, have created a sense of urgency among organizations to embrace AI. However, companies must first ensure that their cloud deployment is ready to support the unique demands of this technology.

AI readiness involves assessing and aligning your cloud infrastructure, data management practices, networking, storage, skills, culture, and support processes. That’s not easily done and there are many critical details to consider. For instance, AI applications often require significant computational resources to process and analyze large datasets, potentially leading to higher cloud costs. Datasets need to be high-quality and diverse for training AI models and making accurate predictions. Applications are better able to exploit AI if they are modernized.  

Avanade Cloud Impact, is designed to help you define the best pathway to a leaner, more powerful cloud.

To take the first step to unlocking your true potential, register below for a conversation with one of our experts. 

The full service

Sustainability, technical debt and business risk, as well as cost optimization

Beyond cost, further cloud challenges relate to modernizing applications and managing out those that are end-of-life, staying on top of governance and having good visibility of sustainability impact.

Our Cloud Impact platform will compare your planned or actual Azure estate with a set of rules derived from Microsoft best practices, Avanade’s experience and, industry data sources.

While automated tools can help identify opportunities for cloud optimization, relying solely on these tools may cause you to focus on incremental improvements and miss out on more significant ones. Involving experienced, human experts who understand your business objectives is essential for effective cloud optimization and application modernization. Our experts will help you mitigate cloud-related business risk and minimize technical debt and decide where best to focus in terms application modernization. 

Register below for a conversation with us to find out more.

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Find out more about our Avanade Cloud Impact offer.

Cloud Impact and Subsea7

Hear how Avanade helped Subsea 7 exceed their 20% cloud spend reduction goal and how we’re supporting their transformative journey toward an optimized and sustainable cloud infrastructure. The video begins with an introduction from Craig Gorsline, Global head of Avanade Technology Business Group.

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