Mainframe Modernization in the era of AI

The urgency to modernize is growing, driven by costs, talent shortages and lack of business agility. Avanade has the tools, skills and experience to transform your legacy constraints into agility and innovation.

Revolutionizing mainframe modernization

Our approach

Many companies struggle to modernize their mainframes - it’s expensive, time-consuming, and demands specialized skills. However, the urgency to modernize is growing and AI is now also serving as a catalyst. Businesses recognize its transformative potential and want the full benefits of modernization and AI.


The good news is that Avanade has the tools, skills and experience to guide your modernization journey. Our Automated Migration Technology (AMT), together with generative AI provide clients with a migration path to a scalable and flexible architecture. Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, Avanade tailors solutions to your specific business requirements.

Explore the options

AI in legacy transformation

Used correctly, AI is a game-changer with modernization. Find out how.

We’ve been testing the art of the possible with several leading global businesses and have developed a clear view of the current optimum use for AI.


Our approach is to integrate the use of gen AI with Avanade's AMT tools and methodology which are the industry's benchmark for effective tech debt remediation with the lowest risk and highest quality. We use gen AI where it excels, such as in the generation of documentation and comprehensive data samples for testing. Gen AI coupled with Avanade’s specialized tools allow modernization at scale in a way that was previously unthinkable.


Request advice on how to select the best of AI and specialized tools to simplify your transformation and reduce risk and cost.


Read our point of view on AI in legacy transformation for Banks and Insurers.

Choose your modernization approach

You have options. We can guide you on the best approach for your situation. 

There are two patterns that underpin most legacy modernization journeys, with each driving a specific approach to planning, design and execution: migration driven and modernization driven. We can guide you on the best approach for your situation. 


Request an informal discussion or request an assessment to determine your best route to legacy transformation. 

Complimentary assessment

Gain insight into your current landscape so you can plan and execute your vision.

Our assessment will provide the information you need to make the right decisions.


You’ll receive:

  • 1) An accurate inventory of your virtual and physical assets (including servers, storage, databases, etc.)
  • 2) An end-to-end migration and/or modernization plan based on the inventory
  • 3) Customized report on the TCO of moving to the cloud


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Gain insight into your current landscape so you can properly plan and execute your migration and modernization vision.

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Hear how we helped Southern Farms Bureau Life Insurance Company (SFBLI) migrate and modernize their legacy systems.

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