Whether you’re just getting started on your Intelligent Automation journey, or working to bring automation advantages to your organization, Avanade is ready to help you design a strategy and set a course for success. Our consultations and workshops are custom-fit to your needs, your business, and your priorities. Let’s talk!


Getting started? Sign up for a brief consultation. Book an hour or two with our intelligent automation experts. Avanade can showcase automation success for specific areas of the business, from the front office to processes deep in the operations side. Learn how to address rote and repetitive tasks so your employees can focus on higher-impact and higher-rewarding work.

retire legacy debt

lower cost of ownership

modernize platform for higher ROI



Ready to take existing automation to the next level? Contact us to explore if your company is eligible for Avanade’s Intelligent Automation Quick Start program. Avanade can give you the boost you need. Over the course of a few weeks, we’ll 1) deliver a quick-start strategy and 2) plan a business case to cover the cost of an automation migration initiative.

We’ll show you the speed and scale advantages of the Azure Power Automate for faster and higher ROI, while delivering faster automation results over other platforms. Avanade can further extend your Intelligent Automation into your digital transformation journey, helping you drive automation across your entire ecosystem, including clients, partners and customers. Read our Intelligent Automation POV to learn more about our approach and our Quick Start program.

automated delivery service

continuous improvement and innovation

knowledge transfer and transition



Automation work underway? Contact us for a customized Intelligent Automation workshop. We’ll dive into your business to help you identify quick ROI opportunities, including how you can simplify and consolidate your migrations quickly and dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership for automation. We can showcase where you can keep scaling automation across your organization Together, we’ll shape an automation vision and quick-start strategy.

create higher value IA opportunities

design, build, test and deploy faster

ROI in weeks, not years


Virtual Design Thinking Workshop

Want a quick view of what’s possible? At any stage of your automation journey, Avanade offers a design thinking workshop on automation. This virtual session can help you understand how best to leverage intelligent automation to deliver immediate business value and benefits to your team. Visualize where automation might be able to strengthen your workflow and benefit your teams. In the session, we can help map out a hypothetical business case and the framework for an intelligent automation plan. Together we can identify the best processes to automate first and showcase potential value and outcomes.

process improvement

transition to intelligent automation

scale automation ROI



Enter the age of AI-enhanced enterprise automation

Download the POV to learn how Power Automate can accelerate innovation at your organization.


Intelligent Automation

Power up your process automation with data intelligence and AI.


Intelligent automation for a post pandemic era

Avanade and Blueprint Software systems bring new options to clients to migrate Automation Anywhere to Microsoft Power Automate at a fraction of the time and cost of manual migrations.

Client Stories

Convene increases efficiency and reduces manual effort through automation

Convene partnered with Avanade to help automate 20 daily priority processes using Blue Prism, a market-leading RPA software hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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