Human-centered transformation

To remain relevant in the emerging AI-inspired world, your organization needs to change. This means that the effects of digital transformation on individual attitudes, behaviors, performance and ways of working must be considered holistically. But where do you begin and how do you bring your people along on the journey without disrupting business results in the short-term?

Avanade’s Organizational Change Management practitioners will help you envision and smoothly transition to future-ready structures, processes, skills and ways of working, while helping you retain top talent, increase productivity and create better experiences for your customers.

“It’s about picking the right partner to work with us pragmatically – and Avanade has been great in that respect.”

Robert Pickering Head of IT, Open Universities Australia

Our approach will accelerate your digital readiness

Our DNA is digital, so we bring the best expertise and insights to future-ready your business, including organizational design, Agile@Scale, leadership coaching, workplace experience transformation and digital culture enablement capabilities. One of Avanade’s core values is “Everyone Counts,” and with offices in 24 countries, our human-centered methodologies will accelerate the digital readiness of your organization and people globally.

We understand that employee experience  drives customer experience. That’s why our Organizational Change Management practitioners work closely with our Studio Experience Design team to help you align your organization and the capabilities of your people with your customer experience vision.

Our services can help get your business and your people ready for the future.

  • Organizational Transformation: Reimagine your organization to thrive in the interconnected digital ecosystems of the future.
  • Workplace Experience: Redefine the workplace as a creator of sustainable value.
  • Employee Experience Transformation: From productivity and efficiency to talent retention, innovation and growth — it starts with your employees.
  • Digital Culture Enablement: Accelerate the digital readiness of your leadership and people through coaching and learning.
  • Agile@Scale: Establish a flexible workforce and optimize innovation by extending agile beyond the IT function.
  • Customer Experience Readiness: Assess the capability of your people and processes to deliver great customer experience.
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