How our approach delivers business results

Most of our client work starts with a comprehensive site survey, to investigate the current configuration of the application(s) to be migrated and the current environment in which they are developed and delivered. This investigation allows us to fully understand the scale of the proposed migration and to plan a successful project.

A deeper application assessment will help identify the current state of your application(s), their dependencies, technical affinity, and potential target migration/modernization disposition as we build a picture of application layering, structure and dependencies, helping to identify potential cohesive components for modernization.

Following these stages, we develop a deep understanding of your migration opportunity and the associated timescale and costs. We will provide a detailed project plan with a modernization blueprint across target architecture, migration roadmap and data migration strategies as well as proposals for risk mitigation and minimized operational impact.

Using our proven target classification and categorization decision framework, we’ll work closely with you to recommend the most suitable modernization approach for your business and create a custom strategy to deliver your mainframe modernization on time and on budget.

Avanade Mainframe Modernization Approach
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