Differentiation Matters : How SAP CPQ helps businesses stand out

With SAP CPQ Integration you can maximise your technology investment by connecting all your systems and creating a single source of truth for your business data. SAP CPQ streamlines your business processes and increases efficiency connecting your CRM and SAP ERP seamlessly for a complete end-to-end solution, reducing errors, automating workflows, and enabling easy, fast, accurate quotes that close deals faster.

Differentiation is the key to avoiding commoditization of your specialised products and services...and the key to differentiation without the historical costs, cycle time delays, and error rates lies in your ability to master product guidance and configuration that meets your sales channel and customer needs. You must quickly create compelling offers that highlight the breadth of your portfolio to solve your customers’ business needs. Differentiation matters.

Intelligent Selling: Configure Price Quote (CPQ) SAP CPQ and Dynamics integration helps businesses streamline their sales processes and deliver a better customer experience. This integration enables real-time access to product and pricing information, as well as the ability to generate accurate quotes and process orders more efficiently. By seamlessly transferring data between systems, our integration minimises errors and duplication of data, saving your team valuable time and resources.

SAP CPQ helps businesses overcome challenges

Some common business challenges can stifle your company’s ability to stay relevant, increase revenues and maximize profits. Common roadblocks include:

Slow Product Rollouts Dual maintenance with handoffs & discrepancies from ERP systems. Unnecessary complexity and repetition increase time and cost to market.

Ad Hoc Proposals Manual, “find & replace” Word files, differences by salesperson, quote discrepancies, no tracking. Quickly generate complete, accurate, engaging, consistent proposals with less effort.

Tedious Approvals Disconnected from quote, manual approver selection, manual routing via email. Quickly approve the right things by the right people.

Lost Opportunities Do the best you can by RFQ deadline, skip low probability opportunities due to effort. Respond to all opportunities faster and better than your competition.

SAP CPQ and D365
You’ve Invested in D365 and ERP
If your business relies on Dynamics 365 as your CRM, and is integrated into any Enterprise system, your business will benefit from a CPQ solution, making your company more agile, responsive and competitive.
You’ve Invested in SAP and a CRM
You've invested in SAP as your enterprise solution, leveraging it's power to keep your company's supply chain humming. Consider how SAP CPQ integrates SAP with your current CRM, delivering a native, efficient, sales closing machine.

Key Functionality

Guided Selling
Find and compare the optimal products and configurations for a given customer need or application.
Specify products, services, systems, and bundles with a range of selectable features and options leveraging CPQ or VC configurators.
Calculate list prices for any context. Apply deal or negotiated discounts at any level. Perform complex margin health calculations.
Specify and arrange simple or configurable items in various quote versions. Include cross sell, upsell, optional, ad-hoc or alternate items.
Approval Workflows
Require and grant approval for customer special requests and/or deep discounting. Prevent certain actions until approval is granted.
Proposal Generation
Present compelling and tailored proposals that convey key quote data with consistent branding and deal specific content.
See 3D graphical representations of configurable products that can be viewed from any perspective including augmented reality.
Order Integration
Create or simulate sales order creation for a CPQ quote. Ensure that all relevant data is properly mapped and received.

Go Native - Making Optimal Use of Native System Functionality

Hopefully your business system has obvious native solutions for most of your needs, but what should you do when a business need arises without an obvious native solution?


Configuration Matters

CPQ solutions enhance configurable selling, reduce time to market, enable quicker customer responses & customer friendly quotes, and free up internal resources to pursue more opportunities.

SAP, CPQ and Dynamics 365

Intelligent Selling with D365 Sales and SAP CPQ Integration. A major benefit of a Dynamics 365, CPQ and SAP integration is that it enables any sales team to access real-time pricing and inventory information, reducing errors and increasing profitability.

Benefit from our SAP and Dynamics 365 expertise

We offer extensive multi-platform expertise in the complete Microsoft technology stack and ecosystem.

Our deep vertical and micro-vertical industry expertise based on 30 years of Accenture industry experience and our industry-specific business process modeling and implementation methodology enable faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership.

Our Managed Services solutions for Dynamics 365 enables you to operate efficiently and innovative at scale.

Recognised CPQ service provider for over twenty years.

Recognised leader in SAP services for manufacturers.

Partner member of the SAP AVC Influence Council.

Worldwide Recognition for Variant Configuration and CPQ with SAP Product Teams and User Groups.

Longstanding board presence on the SAP Configuration Workgroup (CWG).

Our Advanced Technology Centers and exclusive International Rollout programme combine the benefits and scale of a global workforce with the consistency and collaboration of a local team.

Together with Accenture, we’re the world’s largest Dynamics 365 partner.

We offer exclusive add-on products featured on Microsoft AppSource, the new Microsoft online store for certified software applications pre-configured for Microsoft Azure.

Avanade has been awarded Microsoft Global SI Alliance Partner of the Year 17 times – more than any other partner – and recognised in 2022 as Microsoft Global Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Service & Field Service, and named Finalist for Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Intelligent Order Management.

Adaptec Solutions modernizes tools for its field service team

Adaptec Solutions modernizes tools for its field service team

What matters to Thomas Concrete is boosting sales team productivity

Thomas Concrete sales reps can now give customers real-time product information and updates, enriching communications and relationships while improving workflows.

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Embrace continual change for your entire product and operating value chain.

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