Avanade’s Sitecore Technology Solutions

Customer experience has never been more important, so it’s critical for companies to get it right. As a leading global partner for Sitecore, Avanade can help you design and deliver personalized experiences that drive engagement, conversions and loyalty. Our proven digital strategy, experience design, and technical capabilities – utilizing Sitecore technology – enables us to shape and design amazing customer experiences that improve marketing effectiveness, enhance brand recognition, and deliver significant business results.

“This is a great example of good user experience. Not only does the end consumer – such as physicians and patients – get a great experience, so do those who update and publish the content. It is critical to have an excellent platform with efficient, user-friendly and well-configured tools.”

Michael DeFerrari Director of Digital Publications, Merck Manuals, Merck & Co., Inc.

Get the most from Sitecore services and go further with our end-to-end CX capabilities

With end-to-end digital customer experience capabilities, Avanade can help you get the most value from your Sitecore platform.

sitecore-experience-managementExperience personalization

Enhance your overall customer experience with Sitecore personalization and transactions in real time. By blending content management with personalization, targeting, AB testing and more, your business can achieve greater customer insights and greater customer experience outcomes. Our Experience Personalization solution transforms and optimizes your marketing efforts into intelligent experiences that acquire, serve and retain customers through a unified Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Xplore sessions, innovation solutions, personalization assessments, Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS™).

sitecore-headless-cmsPlatform modernization

Avanade's Headless Digital Experience (HDX) accelerator is the key component for modernizing your Sitecore platform to help improve your platform’s digital marketing and IT performance. With our Platform Modernization solution, you can evolve and elevate customer experiences, reduce operating costs, and create a more cost-effective, future-ready platform that provides the ability to respond rapidly to changing technologies and customer expectations.

Digital Studios; request an HDX Accelerator demo or a complimentary and personalized, one-hour session on “Platform Migration & Modernization” or “Composable DXP."

content management strategyAvanade Content hub

Avoid a content crisis! Content Hub is a content-optimization solution that improves content coordination, collaboration, performance, efficiency and related costs. Create, manage, publish and distribute content, campaigns, programs and promotions consistently and reliably. Achieve your customer conversion and loyalty objectives by simplifying content development now and into the future.

How to get started with Content Hub to deliver the right digital assets to your customers at the right time, on any channel.


Platform migrationPlatform migration

Moving to the latest version of the Sitecore platform is both smart, practical and cost effective. Avanade Platform Migration services economically update your digital platform to provide access to the latest implementation services, including key modernization features such as our Headless Digital Experience (HDX) Accelerator and Composable DXP (a modular approach to design, build, connect and optimize digital platform experiences). Improve performance and lower total cost of ownership. Update now to be compliant and to better align your customer needs, channel capabilities and respond rapidly to the technology and customer expectation changes and demands of the future.

Avanade Digital Studios, CX Discovery Workshop, how to schedule a HDX Accelerator demo, and our complimentary, one-hour 1:1 sessions on “Platform Migration & Modernization” and “Composable DXP.”

sitecore-cloud-transformationCloud transformation

Through cloud infrastructure, Avanade helps companies migrate, transform, scale and get more ROI out of their digital customer experience platform. Avanade provides the skills, capabilities and expertise to help you move customer experiences to the cloud along a digital transformation journey. Avanade’s Cloud Transformation and Cloud Managed Services offerings provide quick go-to-market solutions for medium to large enterprises seeking high-performance customer experience platforms for their digital business. 

How our Digital Marketing Managed Services and custom managed services enable you to focus on security and organizational excellence while keeping your IT running. Also ask about our Microsoft Industry Cloud services, Microsoft Azure and AWS capabilities, including our Cloud Solution Studio (CSS).

Digital Marketing Managed ServicesManaged Services

Avanade's Managed Services enable clients to automate business-as-usual and focus on innovation to deliver above-market growth. We help clients maximize the use, reuse and value of their digital content across all channels and establish a future-ready position in the marketplace.

  • Connect customer data to enrich interactions across the customer lifecycle
  • Assess and optimize digital content and manage campaigns
  • Revise and refine campaign content to increase impact
  • Deliver contextual, personalized experiences that boost sales and loyalty
  • Embrace new buying behaviors with modern e-commerce capabilities
  • Innovate and accelerate compelling headless brand experiences for mobile, IoT and emerging extended reality (XR) platforms

How Avanade Digital Marketing services help businesses grow and prosper in today’s economy; how to use Digital Studios for exploring business and marketing options and opportunities; and how to schedule customized Digital Marketing workshops to create an implementation roadmap.


sitecore-ecommerceAccelerate e-Commerce

Avanade’s Accelerate e-Commerce solution helps retailers initiate and expedite a cost-effective, end-to-end digital commerce operation, offering personalized experiences on a scalable, future-ready platform. We combine Microsoft D365 Commerce, Avanade Content Hub and Avanade BOPAS (buy online pickup at store) functionality to help you modernize and realize e-Commerce opportunities within your current retail strategy and web channel.

How our leading position as Microsoft implementation experts in ERP and CRM enables us to differentiate and provide you with the foundations for successful e-Commerce.

sitecore-customer-analyticsCustomer analytics

Take personalized web experiences to the next level. Leverage your customer data to get a 360-degree view of your customers with insights into customer behavior that can help you better meet and surpass customer expectations. We integrate Microsoft Dynamics marketing automation and Sitecore experience management (XM) with Avanade’s Headless Digital Experience (HDX) Accelerator and Content Hub to make your sales and marketing campaigns more omnichannel. Extend personalized customer journeys across all your web properties and web portals by activating and utilizing more comprehensive customer intelligence and customer insights.

Avanade’s AI capabilities for taking customer analytics even further with an advanced analytics engine.

Avanade clients have been recognized for outstanding digital transformation and business outcomes in every industry.

The power of Avanade digital marketing expertise combined with the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform enables clients to deliver great digital personalization and transformation experiences for their customers. Explore how Avanade has helped many organizations win Sitecore Experience Awards. We’ve been building award-winning experiences for our clients since 2016. Previous client winners include global organizations from a variety of industries, such as: Volvo Cars, Philippine Airlines, Merck & Co., Open Universities Australia, Nippon Paint, Microsoft, Tokyo Gas and more. Learn how we helped these companies use customer experience to drive significant business outcomes.

Meet some of our award-winning clients

Subway – Best Business ROI
Transforming the brand experience for the world’s largest restaurant chain with the power of personalized marketing. Read more about how we helped Subway deliver exceptional results.

Volvo Cars
Watch the video below to learn how Volvo Cars adopted an innovation mindset and worked with Avanade to optimize their Sitecore platform to become a more agile, data-driven company, taking advantage of Sitecore personalization capabilities and time-to-market responsiveness. Click to read more about Sitecore’s personalization examples

    Disclaimer: This video is with an employee of Volvo Cars, in their personal capacity, and not as a representative of Volvo Cars.

    Giving you the expertise to succeed Sitecore technology

    Avanade Sitecore's Global Partner Of Year 2021

    Avanade’s global creative and technology expertise helps you improve your digital customer experience and gives you a competitive advantage. Leveraging our scale, resources and agility, we work with Sitecore to deliver a unique and unparalleled customer experience partnership. Avanade has:

    • Over 300 Sitecore customers in 26 countries.
    • Delivered more Sitecore implementations on Microsoft Azure than any other provider.
    • Over 1,000 Sitecore Certified Developers and 74 Sitecore MVPs.
    • More than 1,300 trained Sitecore specialists.
    • Helped our clients win 30 combined Sitecore Site of the Year and Experience Awards.
    • A full-service XD practice with global Digital Studios.
    • Access to 3,500 analytics experts and 4,200 business excellence and automation experts.

    People, passion, performance - Avanade Sitecore MVPs

    Each year, Sitecore recognizes its MVPs – Most Valuable Professionals – from all over the world. These top experts exemplify a comprehensive understanding of Sitecore products and capabilities, their scope of implementation, and actively evangelize Sitecore performance and benefits to clients and the Sitecore community alike. Since 2014, Sitecore has awarded MVP status to 74 Avanade digital marketing experts.

    Sitecore Healthcare solution

    Read more about the Avanade Intelligent Patient CX Accelerator. Improve patient engagement success with digital transformation.

    Sitecore Utilities solution

    Drive brand relevance and customer loyalty with the Avanade Utilities Accelerator.

    The Avanade-Sitecore Partnership advantage

    Avanade is Sitecore’s first ever Global Partner of the Year. Learn more about our robust partnership and solutions here.

    Award-winning digital and customer Experiences

    Our clients are creating high-impact digital experiences that drive performance and win Sitecore Experience Awards

    BDR Thermea reduces service visits by 60% with future-ready IoT solution

    BDR Thermea leveraged Avanade’s global presence and extensive technical experience with both the Microsoft and Sitecore ecosystems.

    Award-winning digital and customer experiences

    Our clients are creating high-impact digital experiences that drive performance.

    The human impact of technology is closer than you think

    Kevin Kelley outlines how Avanade and SCI's long-term partnership uses innovative technologies to help families navigate the difficult process of planning a funeral service for their loved one.

    Sitecore Commerce in Azure: The Future is Headless

    Combining Sitecore with IoT: how to implement a one-click button purchase with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.

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