The future is always in motion.
So how do you prepare for something that’s constantly changing?

The path to becoming future ready is different for every organization. Chances are, you’re already investing in technology and processes to drive your business forward. But digitized ≠ digital, and as a result, many organizations are suffering from digital transformation fatigue. Are your investments paying off fast enough?

New research from Avanade indicates that organizations that are accelerating the journey to future ready anticipate seeing an ROI of more than 16% in the next 12 months. Additional industry research reveals how today’s banks and retailers are preparing their organizations to be future-ready.


Be Future Ready. Now. Executive Research

Research findings identify key ingredients to complete your transformation journey.


Future Ready. Now. Banking Point of View

How to adapt quickly to new market forces and new competitors to become Future Ready. Now.


Future Ready. Now. Retail Point of View

Future Ready. Now. research points to a well-planned and implemented digital transformation roadmap as a way for retailers to get to future ready.

To overcome transformation fatigue and accelerate business results, Avanade’s Future Ready. Now. Model recommends a shift in focus to three key dimensions, all infused with intelligence:

Effortless efficiencies
Optimize business processes to increase agility, improve time to market and cut costs.

Experiences beyond boundaries
Delight both customers and employees with rich, personalized end-to-end experiences that go beyond device and location.

Innovation at will
Foster a culture that supports rapid testing, continual discovery and the adoption of new skillsets, so you can stay ahead of the market.

future ready now

Being future ready means being agile, nimble, data-driven and using intelligence effectively everywhere

The future is coming at you fast. Avanade is here to help you capitalize on the opportunities it brings. We help you use data as a strategic asset, so you can infuse intelligence across your business process, deliver rewarding experiences and build an innovative culture that brings out the best in employees, all while envisioning and proactively overcoming new business challenges before they arise.

By helping you harness intelligence and bring it through your business, Avanade helps you stay one step ahead of competitors, empower your workforce, create customer loyalty and make meaningful impact in your industry. Our end-to-end approach begins with meeting you where you are today and helping you build a strategy for tomorrow. We bring our industry expertise, specialized offerings, tools and IP plus a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies to help you be Future Ready. Now.

Our people give technology its power

Avanade brings together the right mix of strategy, industry experts, experience design, advanced technology and a proven approach to help you create a synergistic ecosystem that delivers value greater than the sum of its parts.

Analyst recommendations:


Cross-functional, global talent:

  • Global advisory practice to co-create and orchestrate practical strategies that drive outcomes faster
  • 400 AI practitioners and 300 cognitive services experts
  • 3,500 analytics professionals and 4,200 business excellence and automation experts
  • 1,600 finance and operations (ERP) specialists, 1,800 sales and service (CRM) specialists
  • More than 1,300 Sitecore specialists, 900+ Sitecore Certified Developers and 10 Sitecore MVPs
  • Full-service Digital Innovation Studios and experience design practice

Drive sales and campaign effectiveness with modern marketing automation

How to better connect your marketing experience with your customer relationship management (CRM).

Are you future ready?

Driving digital transformation for insurers.

Consumer goods manufacturers are becoming Future Ready. Now.

90% of consumer goods manufacturers say digital transformation is a top-three priority.

Industrial equipment manufacturers are becoming future ready now

Avanade research reveals how industrial equipment manufacturers are approaching efficiencies, experiences and innovation to be future ready now.

Business Applications

Intelligent business applications enable industry insight to help you predict and lead.

Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experiences happen by design.

Analytics and AI

Create the advantage you need for the future-ready business.

Digital Marketing

Create innovative brand experiences that entice new customers and build loyalty.

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