Realise an ROI of 433% with a payback period of 10 months. Sounds unbelievable? IDC explains how.

Navigate IDC's1 research and make the unbelievable, believable.

IDC's latest research reveals that organizations are using Avanade's managed services to create significant business value - recording an average return on investment of 433%.

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1. IDC helps IT professionals make technology purchase decisions, and shape business strategy, using facts. With over 1,100 analysts, their market intelligence provides strategic insight for IT leaders.

Henkel reinvents productivity with Office 365

Office 365 empowers 47,000 employees.

Financial services company: building a platform for growth

Managed services approach drives efficiencies and improved visibility.

Centrica upgrades mission critical systems

Trading system sees flawless change, gaining performance and capabilities.

Williams tracks pit crew biometrics to boost F1 performance

Combining IoT, data, analytics and pit crew biometrics Williams is pushing the boundaries of pit stop potential.

Cloud Transformation

Move to the cloud faster and with less risk.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Transform how work is done in your organization.

Application Managed Services

Become a digital business faster.

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