Automate business and IT processes to make your team faster, smarter and more agile

The pace of change is accelerating at speeds we’ve never seen before. Technologies that sounded like science fiction only two or three years ago are creating new business models today. Conventional IT can’t respond fast enough to meet the business expectations these technologies create.

Delivering intelligent IT

Avanade help our clients achieve intelligent IT, by combining people, tools and methodologies as part of a comprehensive modernization strategy, focused on two key areas:

  • Using process automation to automates business and IT processes to liberate people from repetitive tasks and unleash a tireless virtual workforce
  • Responding faster to market change, by continuously and automatically deploying software releases at higher quality

Intelligent IT automates business and IT processes. Your team becomes faster, smarter and more agile


The CIO’s Guide to Intelligent IT

Automate business and IT processes to make your team faster, smarter and more agile.


Intelligent Automation

Power up your process automation with intelligence and AI.

Global expertise in Intelligent IT at scale

  • We’ve delivered more than 6,000 successful automation projects to more than 350 clients worldwide. We can deliver successful automation to you, too.
  • We have more than 1,000 subject matter experts, 3,500 business excellence and automation experts, a highly scalable automation factory, and more than 70 developers certified in automation tools. And we partner with automation leaders including Blue Prism and Microsoft to deliver even more value.
  • When it comes to modern engineering approaches, our Modern Engineering Maturity Model can help you to determine the skills you have in your team and where you need our support.
  • The Modern Engineering Platform is Avanade’s intelligent platform for developing, maintaining and operating liquid applications across connected ecosystems. It combines Microsoft technology ecosystem and the power of Azure with Avanade experience and global subject matter expertise.
  • Our Modern Engineering Studios can operate as onshore, nearshore and offshore teams and they’re packed with skilled engineers who use modern engineering best practice to deliver innovation for our clients.

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