Employee Network Podcast Series – Episode 2: Emerging Majority

Members of Avanade’s Adelante Employee Network - a community that champions and empowers Avanade's Latinx employees and allies - get together to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month by discussing the concept of Emerging Majority.

Keep up with all discussions with employee groups in forthcoming episodes of the Employee Network Podcast Series, where we celebrate, reflect on, and encourage dialogue on diversity and inclusion.

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Victor Mancha Bio 

Victor Mancha
Cyber Security Consultant, Avanade

Victor is a Cyber Security Consultant within the Security Talent Community at Avanade and is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Aside from his day-to-day operations, Victor is passionate about sharing Latin culture with his friends and colleagues. Born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in a military family, Victor’s interests include travelling, dancing, 3D modelling/printing, and playing video games.

Featured Guest

Beatriz (Betty) Martinez Bio 

Beatriz (Betty) Martinez
North America Digital Marketing Lead, Avanade

Betty is the North America Digital Marketing Lead at Avanade, based out of Brooklyn, New York. Along with her love for all things advertising and social media strategy, Betty is passionate about inclusion and diversity. In 2020, she founded Avanade’s Latinx Employee Network with a goal of increasing and retaining Latinx representation in the tech industry. Born in Miami to Cuban and Honduran parents, Betty is a first-gen University of Florida graduate who enjoys ceramics, interior design and spending time with her Pomeranian and Pitbull.

Jackie Terrazas-Lopez Bio

Jackie Terrazas-Lopez
Analytics Consultant, Avanade

Jackie is currently a Consultant within the Analytics Talent Community at Avanade and is based in Southern California. She holds a profound knack for data and storytelling with data across various industries. Early in her career, she is a strong advocate for both women in tech and Latinos in tech as a Bolivian-Nicaraguan American and first gen graduate. Within Avanade and outside of her data analytics work, she holds the title of Area Co-Chair for Adelante, Avanade's Latinx Employee Network. Outside work, you can find her travelling, at concerts, or playing video games.

Oscar Perez Bio

Oscar Perez
Global Lead for Sales Enablement Strategy

Oscar is the Global Lead for Sales Enablement Strategy at Avanade and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Along with his current role, Oscar is passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Born in Viña del Mar, Chile and raised in Canada, Oscar’s interests include golf, volunteering in his community, and drinks with family and friends.

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