The Future of AI-powered Software Development

Join Florin Rotar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Avanade, Chris Lloyd-Jones, Head of Open Innovation at Avanade and Scott Hanselman from Microsoft as they discuss the future of AI-powered software development, the rise of Github Copilot X, and the responsible scaling of generative AI technologies within enterprises. The panel will delve into the productivity, collaboration, and "flow state" benefits for software engineers using Copilot, while also addressing responsible AI concerns, including ethical, legal, and security aspects.

The group will discuss how the landscape of AI-enhanced coding in the enterprise space is shaping up, touching on key issues like managing intellectual property and data privacy. Furthermore, they'll examine the broader implications of Generative AI on the world of work, discussing how these technologies can reduce boilerplate tasks and empower people in uniquely human activities. Tune in for valuable insights from industry leaders on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities surrounding AI-powered software development.




Florin Rotar
Chief Technology Officer, Avanade

Florin Rotar leads the strategic development of a portfolio of solutions and services that position Avanade to be a market maker and category leader, emphasizing our commitment to emerging technology and innovation. Florin previously led Avanade’s global Modern Workplace business, where we reimagine and redefine the workplace as a creator of sustainable business value, and the Accenture Microsoft Business Group (AMBG) business in the areas of Digital Workplace and Workplace Experience. Florin is a world citizen, having spent most of his adult life working in five European capitals. He and his family now call Seattle home.

Featured Guests



Scott Hanselman
Partner Program Manager, Microsoft

Scott has been a developer for 30 years and has been blogging at hanselman.com for 20 years! He works in Open Source on .NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott has been podcasting for over 800 episodes of hanselminutes.com over 15 years and 700 episodes of azurefriday.com. He's written a number of technical books and spoken in person to over one million developers worldwide! He's also on TikTok, which was very likely a huge mistake.



Chris Lloyd-Jones
Head of Open Technologies, within the Office of the CTO, Avanade

Chris is the Head of Open Technologies within the Office of the CTO at Avanade, focusing on the open innovation ecosystem, including academia, foundations, start-ups, and Avanade's Open-Source projects office. Chris's background is in legal and financial services, focusing on organizational transformation and the new. Previously, Chris led the Emerging Technology Engineering team, driving the future of technology.

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