Application developers have undergone significant shift in recent years. From the waterfall methodology and monolithic architecture to agile DevOps ways of working with containers, orchestration tools and microservices, the end result has been one of speed.

Just look at Trainline which did 12,000 production releases last year, or tech giants like Netflix and Google which do everything almost exclusively in containers.

Now, another challenge has come along in the shape of COVID-19. The move to remote working is putting additional strain on applications and developer teams. DevOps teams have moved from being collocated to distributed almost overnight, posing its own technical and personal challenges, while the stark economic realities are pushing some organizations to put developers on furlough, or pause development projects entirely.

Such challenges will need to overcome; organizations must move away from legacy ways of working, and embrace application modernization to accelerate application development to improve time to market, customer satisfaction and business performance.

In this episode, the final in the Avanade-CIO podcast series, experts Eric Allen and Paul Veitch discuss:

  • From the monolithic to microservices – how application development has evolved over time
  • What DevOps means for your application estate as well as developer and operations teams
  • How COVID-19 has impacted developer and operations teams
  • The importance of custom-built applications
  • Best practice to modernizing your application estate

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Eric Allen

Eric Allen
Modern Application Transformation Lead – Avanade UKI

Eric leads Avanade’s Modern Application Transformation practice in UKI and has 15+ years’ experience in technology and digital consulting. He has worked across multiple industry sectors and specializes in helping organizations to get the most from applications to drive their digital transformation agenda.

In addition to his Applications role, Eric is also part of Avanade’s Digital Studio, championing Human Centred Design and Agile approaches with his clients. Eric holds a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Eric has worked in Canada, US, UK, and Poland across a variety of sectors with a specialization in Financial Services. He has built and led technology teams for high profile clients, a notable example being establishing a new software development capability in Wroclaw Poland for a major international investment bank.

Eric is a strong advocate of evolutionary architecture and building software that will adapt to changing business needs with time. He helps his clients to realize shorter time to value and to get the most from their applications and technology teams.

Paul Veitch

Paul Veitch
Executive, Head of Insurance – Avanade UKI

Paul Veitch is Head of Insurance for Avanade UK and Ireland and has been with Avanade for 13 years. His background is in architecting and delivering large systems in the banking, cap markets and insurance industries and other clients as well as leading large client accounts. Previously he ran Avanade’s Application Development business in the UK and Ireland.

Doug Drinkwater

Doug Drinkwater
EMEA Content Director, IDG

IDG EMEA Content Director Doug Drinkwater is an experienced technology journalist and editor whose work has previously appeared on a number of well-regarded IT titles, including CIO.com, ComputerWorld, CSO Online, International Business Times, Macworld, Mashable, PCWorld, SC Magazine and The Gadget Show Magazine. In his time in technology journalism, Doug has reported on everything from the latest smartphones, TVs and computer operating systems, to the increasing prevalence of Facebook, Google and Twitter in our daily lives. He’s also covered the emergence of some of the world’s biggest start-ups, such as Uber, Hailo, SwiftKey and Box, as well as the leaks on government surveillance from NSA whistle-blower Edward Swowden. In his current role at IDG, Doug stays on top of the latest market trends and works with the biggest technology brands to tell their story to their target audience.

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