Avanade’s Prism (LGBTQ+ Employee Network) and INSPIRE (Black Employee Network) chat about intentional intersectionality, racial diversity across the spectrum, and the true power storytelling unlocks at work and at home.

As we celebrated Pride this past June, we witnessed a lot happening in the world. From a global pandemic to racial inequality coming to hearts and headlines across the globe, we saw this as a time when sharing and having genuine conversations, and listening to those voices, are so important.

During this year’s #ConnectedInPride series, originally aired in June, we featured conversations and connections from across the globe. Discussing all-things LGBT+, inclusion, and intersectionality.

Prism, our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group chatted with INSPIRE, our Black Employee Network. The two groups got together to discuss intentional intersectionality, racial diversity across the spectrum, and the true power storytelling unlocks at work and at home.

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Christopher Mostello

Christopher Mostello
Experience Designer and Prism Global Lead | Chicago

Christopher’s an Experience Designer out of our Chicago Digital Innovation Studio, in addition to helping lead Prism – Avanade’s LGBTQ+ ally network. His passion and love for design mixed with his desire to foster a positive and supportive culture has propelled him into a position where he’s able to help drive a leading effort in Avanade’s promise that everyone counts and can make an impact.


Special Guests

Dominique Cunningham

Dominique Cunningham
Analytics Experience | Boston

Dominique often serves as the bridge between Business and Technical Functions across the US and globally. As a Manager in Avanade’s Data & AI practice, she partners with Executive Leadership Teams to foster data-driven decision-making and inspire immediate action through Analytics. She leads with passion and brings her authentic self to work every day.

Donald Scott II

Donald Scott II
Data & AI COE | Austin, Texas

Donald Scott II supports the Global Data & AI COE with a focus on Data Platform Modernization. He serves as the Alliances and Finance Chair for INSPIRE, Avanade's Black Employee Network. His passion revolves around the elevation, visibility and representation of all people inside Avanade.

Sheldon Carpenter

Sheldon Carpenter
Scheduling, Business Operations | Greater NYC Area

Sheldon currently supports North America staffing, aligning specifically to the US Northeast Region from which he is based. He is a fiery advocate for equality in the workplace and serves as the Community Pillar Lead for Prism, Avanade's LGBT+ ERG. His efforts in managing the Local Leads Initiative - Avanade's global network of LGBT+ advocates and allies - combined with his dedication to diversity and passion for people are helping to propagate a greater understanding and worldly commitment to inclusion everywhere.

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