Connected in Pride Episode 2: Celebrating Pride Around the Globe

Pride this year is looking a little different than what we’re used to. We’re honoring the traditions of Pride by bringing diverse perspectives and experiences together to share stories you may not necessarily hear. This as a time when sharing and having genuine conversations, and listening to others' stories, are so impactful and important for us to hear.

During this year’s #ConnectedInPride series, originally aired in June 2020, we featured conversations and connections from across the globe. Discussing all-things LGBTQ+, inclusion, and intersectionality.

Prism, our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group chatted some of our employees from North America, South America and Europe. The group discussed the hurdles and progress that the LGBTQ+ community has seen while considering the cultural nuances, and similarities, across different countries and geographies. You’ll also hear about how Pride’s celebrated in different areas of the globe.

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Christopher Mostello
Experience Designer and Prism Global Lead

Christopher’s an Experience Designer out of our Chicago Digital Innovation Studio, in addition to helping lead Prism – Avanade’s LGBTQ+ ally network. His passion and love for design mixed with his desire to foster a positive and supportive culture has propelled him into a position where he’s able to help drive a leading effort in Avanade’s promise that everyone counts and can make an impact.



Featured Guests



Richard Vander Meer
Studio, Management | NYC Metro

Richard Vander Meer is an Avanade Executive responsible for the New York and Chicago Digital Innovation Studios. He has lived at the intersection of design and technology in delivery consulting roles for nearly 20 years from early web dev, to digital marketing and product development. Richard has worked with clients in technology, healthcare, banking, telecom, banking, oil and gas, and automotive. Richard has lived and worked in London, Munich and Shanghai and served clients across multiple regions of the world and understands the need for diversity in all areas of business. His previous work experience includes working for top design agencies like McKinsey Design, Huge and frog.





Mirna Rodriguez
Service Design | Spain

Mirna is a Service Designer with the conviction that we can change things for the better as long as we keep our lens in human and planet needs. She started her career in Accenture and Avanade as a User experience architect and evolved her career into Service Design to apply Human center design from a truly holistic point of view. Mirna believes that the only true lost cause is the one you don´t fight for, she joined Prism as Iberia´s LGBT Champion and also actively participates in Women and young people empowerment initiatives.





Negar Farjadnia
Infrastructure Consulting, Platform Modernization Offering Lead | Canada

Negar is Avanade’s Platform Modernization Lead for Canada region, driving advanced solutions in Modern workplace and Security in Canada. She also dabbles in delivery and has experience in innovative projects at retail, financial, telco and healthcare. While not at work, she enjoys playing soccer, going to concerts and musicals and traveling around the world.




Lucas Ortega
User Experience Team Lead | Argentina

Lucas is a User Experience Team Lead based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has over 15 years of experience working with different brands such as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Disney among others. He joined Avanade 5 years ago, and ever since he has been leading diverse teams and large-scale projects. He is part of Prism as one of the Local Leads representing Latam, as well as a member of Accenture’s Pride Council.

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Sheldon Carpenter
Scheduling, Business Operations | Greater NYC Area

Sheldon currently supports North America staffing, aligning specifically to the US Northeast Region from which he is based. He is a fiery advocate for equality in the workplace and serves as the Community Pillar Lead for Prism, Avanade's LGBT+ ERG. His efforts in managing the Local Leads Initiative - Avanade's global network of LGBT+ advocates and allies - combined with his dedication to diversity and passion for people are helping to propagate a greater understanding and worldly commitment to inclusion everywhere.


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