Connected in Pride Episode 3: Authenticity, storytelling, and how to spark allyship

We’re chatting with Pips Bunce from Credit Suisse, Head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs and awarded leader in the LGBTQ+ community. Pips was awarded a prestigious position in the 2018 OUTStanding Executive Leader list, featured at number 32 in the 2018 Involve HERoes Female Executives list and won the Inspirational LGBTQI Leader category as part of the British LGBT Awards.

In our discussion, previously recorded in June 2020, we’re talking about the power of being your authentic self and the impact allies can have on others. Walk away from this special session understanding some of the challenges the community faces and the business case for inclusion, while also learning what you can do, in everyday actions, to become a superhero ally. #ConnectedInPride

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Christopher Mostello

Christopher Mostello
Experience Designer and Prism Global Lead

Christopher’s an Experience Designer out of our Chicago Digital Innovation Studio, in addition to helping lead Prism – Avanade’s LGBTQ+ ally network. His passion and love for design mixed with his desire to foster a positive and supportive culture has propelled him into a position where he’s able to help drive a leading effort in Avanade’s promise that everyone counts and can make an impact.


Sarah Rench

Sarah Rench
Director of AI and Industry Solutions

Featured guests

Mx Pips Bunce

Mx Pips Bunce
Director, Head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs at Credit Suisse

Along with her role as Director and head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs, Pips is co-chair of the firm’s LGBT & Ally Network which drives to encourage an inclusive work culture where all are encouraged to bring their whole self to work and to promote authenticity in the workplace regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexuality.

Pips identifies as gender fluid and non-binary hence both identities within the Trans umbrella. She has always been open and out both personally and professionally. Being gender fluid, they choose to express as either female or male dependent on their preferred gender expression for a given day both at home or at work. Pips has been happily married to her wife for over 23 years and they have been blessed with 2 children who are now 21 and 18, all of whom embrace whatever opportunities possible to help promote the acceptance and celebration of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life.



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