The Future of Manufacturing Industry Podcast – Episode 4: Rethink Manufacturing – The Future Workplace and Worker

Listen to Nick Hussey (CEO) and Jonny Williamson (Editorial Director) of The Manufacturer discuss how Manufacturers must adapt to accommodate working environments that have undergone a dramatic evolution: Supply chains have been significantly disrupted; product demand is rapidly shifting; holistic well-being, health and safety are top priorities; and sustainability and socially conscious manufacturing are the expectation. They will highlight how the modern manufacturer looks very different from the manufacturer of even a few years ago.

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David Morgan
Global Industry and Solutions Marketing Lead for Manufacturing, Avanade

With over 20 years in the IT industry David is the marketing leader for the manufacturing industry at Avanade. David has wide ranging leadership experience from systems engineer, consulting sales, account management and solutions marketing. His focus at Avanade is to ensure Avanade’s GTM direction enables manufacturers to embrace new solutions and deliver tangible business outcomes.


Featured Guests

Nick Hussey

Nick Hussey
Chief Executive Officer, The Manufacturer

Nick has 28 years’ experience in the publishing and events sectors and over 12 years in manufacturing having acquired The Manufacturer in 2008. He is a renowned commentator on the sector and draws upon an in-depth knowledge across multiple industries and the challenges and opportunities that the strategic leaders of manufacturing business face. He is an advocate of technology and innovation to solve the big challenges and create the new manufacturing businesses of the future. He has experience of working within Government and of the landscape of support and intervention available to the sector. Along with an MBA Nick has a degree in Economics.


Jonny Williamson

Jonny Williamson
Editorial Director, The Manufacturer

Jonny is the Editorial Director of The Manufacturer and has been working as a journalist covering manufacturing, engineering and technology for almost a decade. He provides business owners and their decision-makers with the insights they need to run their operations more efficiently, profitably and sustainably. He frequently interviews and speaks alongside senior business professionals, global tech leaders, academics and government officials. Previously a Course Director and Lecturer in Media, Film and Journalism, Jonny has a keen interest in what happens when engineering, technology, sustainability and innovation collide.



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