WX Podchat — Episode 5: HR & IT, Partners or Allies?

Why should HR and IT talk to each other? In this episode, we’ve put HR and IT in the same room to explore how to spark your employee experience evolution. Kendra Capozzi Parker – Avanade’s global director of EX for the future of work, and Marci Jenkins, Avanade’s IT Experience Executive, discuss employee experience and the challenges they have faced in their respective areas. They share how they’ve collaborated to understand employees’ needs and identified solutions by leveraging technology to improve well-being, flexibility and productivity.

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Sophia Nacef 

Sophia Nacef
Senior Consultant Modern Workplace Advisory, Avanade

Sophia has a dual focus: people and technology. She brings more than eight years of experience in the Employee Experience field, working in transformation programmes for large UK and global organizations.

Sophia enables digital transformation by maximizing the use of people data to inform strategic business decisions. She develops insights to shape employee experience roadmaps, rolling out interventions that land and that last.

Sophia takes pride in designing solutions that deliver actual business value and make a genuine human impact.

Featured Guests

Kendra Capozzi Parker 

Kendra Capozzi Parker
Global Director of Employee Experience on the Future of Work, Avanade

Kendra Capozzi Parker is the Global Director of Employee Experience focused on the future of work for Avanade. Working to improve the employee experience and influence the climate within which our people work, she is passionate about creating a culture our people can be proud of and a workplace that meets the holistic needs of every single Avanade employee. Based in Brisbane, Australia, she’s held roles within global mobility, HR Tech to business HR, and supported business groups globally, in North America, and the UK&I over her 15-year career with Avanade.

Marci Jenkins 

Marci Jenkins
IT Experience Executive, Avanade

Marci is an experienced IT Executive with 27 years of strategy, consulting, operations and delivery experience, who is leading IT Experience within Avanade's internal IT organization. She is passionate about creating user-centric experiences that empower users to get things done “where they hang out” in an intuitive and efficient way.

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