“Avanade delivers a broad proposition to global enterprises. Avanade is a joint venture established by Accenture and Microsoft in 2000, an alliance that has been furthered by the recent formation of the Accenture Microsoft Business group to build on the Microsoft stack with a focus on using Dynamics 365 to optimize business processes… While the company continues to demonstrate its traditional strengths — scale, breadth of domain capabilities, and lineage — it has also gained significant scale beyond Dynamics.”

The Forrester WaveTM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, Q2 2019

The Forrester WaveTM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, Q2 2019

Avanade has been recognized as a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, Q2 2019 report.

In the report, Forrester notes that Avanade’s “ability to leverage Accenture’s business consulting expertise with its advisory services — as well as its deep relationship with Microsoft — enables Avanade to drive business transformation across the Microsoft business applications stack” and finds that Avanade “has one of the best structured models for providing long-term support for Dynamics 365 deployments....”

We believe the reports highlights three core areas for how Avanade helps clients with business process optimization to become future-ready enterprises:

Business transformation acceleration:

  • World-class talent, world-class tools
  • Investments in innovation, automation, intelligent technologies and business process agility

Human-centric solutions for enhanced customer experience and inspired employees:

  • Deep industry solution experience and international reach for business process optimization
  • Cultural transformation – partnering with clients to deliver innovative solutions for their employees and customers

Strategies, services and an approach to design-led thinking infused with innovation and intelligence:

  • Advisory Services – helping to turn a client’s vision into executable strategies and business outcomes
  • Innovation and IP –integrating intelligence with industry experience and IP to help organizations “innovate at will”

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