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Laurent Curny

General Manager Gallia (France, The Netherlands and Belgium)

Laurent Curny is General Manager of our Gallia region (France, Belgium and The Netherlands).

As General Manager, Laurent will lead a team of dedicated people who center their work and efforts around unlocking digital innovation in the Microsoft ecosystem. He will support our clients across all industries to harvest the full potential of the Microsoft cloud platform to solve some of the major challenges we face today, including creating a more sustainable, responsible, and inclusive society.

Prior to joining Avanade, Laurent spent five years at Microsoft, where he held several senior management positions in France working with key accounts. Laurent also spent nearly 20 years in the telecommunications industry, at organizations such as AT&T and Verizon.

Diversity and inclusion are values Laurent holds dear. He has supported and led many initiatives in this space at Microsoft and will continue to do so at Avanade. When not working, Laurent enjoys triathlon.

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