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Williams is taking a new approach to software engineering to help its teams work smarter together. Intelligent IT gives Williams a competitive edge across every part of its business. It combines technology, methodology, and people, working together as one to respond faster to change.


Delivering a digital workplace at speed

We're realising a digital transformation strategy that gives Williams a competitive edge across every part of its business. Through its transition to a cloud-first digital workplace, Williams is innovating faster and improving performance on and off the track. From pit crew biometrics to optimising racecar performance, we continue to use digital to push boundaries.

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Williams combines live race data and analytics to predict the outcome of races

Williams’ WISDOM application suite and data warehouse integrates and analyzes sensor, weather, telemetry, GPS, fuel consumption and other data in real time during races.

Avanade tracks Williams Martini Racing pit crew biometrics to boost future F1 performance

Combining IoT, data, analytics and pit crew biometrics Williams is pushing the boundaries of pit stop potential.

Turning digital customer experiences into business opportunities

We're transforming the digital customer journey for Williams' clients, partners and employees to create new opportunities to grow.

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Becoming more agile with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA demonstrates how Williams could manage IT support allowing its team to focus on high value, high skilled activities.

Williams’ partners make faster, fuller use of assets with cloud portal

A cloud-based partner portal gives Williams’ Partner Managers more time to focus on building valuable relationships.

Williams extends reach and employee satisfaction with cloud-based intranet

Williams’ new intranet is a compelling hub for employees, with news on upcoming events and races, staff directory, HR content, and more.

Results over time

Back in January 2015, Williams wanted its first technology projects to be ready to launch for the first race of the season – just three months later. We haven't looked back since. Hear from those who have been part of the journey.

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