Improving people’s lives

As our clients know, Avanade people like to take on challenges and solve problems. While our focus is traditionally on applying innovation and Microsoft technology to challenges and problems within enterprises and governments, we also want to realize results within our communities.

Closing gaps for women

While there is no shortage of worthy causes in the world today, we are channeling our energy toward one that is near to our hearts and our business – closing gender gaps, income gaps and technology gaps for women so they can better fulfill their potential. Our focus is to empower and upskill women and help them gain access to technology. We recognize women’s critical role in strengthening families, improving communities and lifting economies.

Empowering people – including our own

We bring to corporate citizenship the same traits that we bring to our client work – a passion for innovation, a creative approach for stretching the boundaries of existing systems, and the ability to work well as a team. And, as we do with our clients, we think globally and act locally, ensuring our giving and our volunteering reach the people and communities we want to help.
Avanade corporate citizenship annual report

Explore some of our recent corporate citizenship efforts.

Highlights from Avanade's 2017 Corporate Citizenship activities

See how Avanade is changing things for the better for thousands of women, students and global communities.

Avanade joins United Nations Global Compact

Support demonstrates commitment to the ten principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Press Release
15 for 15: Scholarships to keep women in STEM

Avanade is providing women access to education.

More about corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship is a story we write every day. We focus on helping improve the lives of people in the communities where we work and on the planet that we share.

Next steps

Find out more about how we’re making a difference for people, businesses and communities.

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