Aidmatrix saves 20 percent in data center costs with cloud solution

Business Situation

Instead of setting up and tearing down physical infrastructure to deliver its aid solutions, The Aidmatrix Foundation needed a more scalable, cost-effective platform for global disaster relief.

‚Äč"Accenture and Avanade’s expertise in the Microsoft Azure platform helped us transition to cloud-based services cost-effectively."

Michael Ross Vice President, Delivery, Aidmatrix Foundation


The company chose Avanade and Accenture to help migrate three key solutions to Microsoft® Azure™, a cloud-based environment for running applications and storing data on servers in Microsoft data centers around the world.


Aidmatrix has a responsive, scalable, and cost-effective distribution mechanism for its disaster relief solutions. Aidmatrix IT staff members are more productive now that they don’t have to administer servers. Hosting its software in the Microsoft Azure environment could reduce data center costs by 20 percent. And because its  cloud-based applications are ready to deploy and retire at a moment’s notice, Aidmatrix can help disaster response organizations deliver aid to those in need as quickly as possible.


Case Study: Avanade and Accenture expertise reduces migration costs

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