Breville expands culinary experiences by entering new markets 80% faster

Business Situation

Breville is a world leader in small kitchen appliances. However, its existing Microsoft Dynamics AX application was region-specific, resulting in over a thousand customisations that required considerable IT support and maintenance. There was limited business visibility and no operational support. As a result, every time the company opened in a new market, it had to increase headcount, which was costly and unsustainable. Breville wanted more consistent and efficient processes on a scalable, cost-effective platform that would help it increase speed to market.

“These innovations not only improve our overall business performance, but they will also vastly improve the overall customer experience to help them master those food moments.”

Jeff Suellentrop Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Programs at Breville


After Microsoft introduced Breville to Avanade as a systems integrator that could handle a global rollout quickly, the company chose to partner with us to help it implement an out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. This was one of the first-ever agile implementations of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, where we built a minimal viable product to introduce incremental functionality improvements and facilitate change management. We then created a core global template with successive wave deployments across 15 countries using a deployment kit, speeding the go-to-market process. By integrating Microsoft Power BI, we helped streamline access to data and analytics, allowing Breville to infuse intelligence across its business processes.


With an exponential growth trajectory, this future-ready solution can support Breville as it expands its business globally:

  • The company can now enter new markets 80% faster.
  • Supply chain transparency and visibility help it communicate to customers what products are available,as well as when they will be shipped and delivered.
  • More functionalities and lower IT costs and support allow it to add new products and services with speed and ease.

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